Why we won’t be ditching my using watch for Strava’s new Apple Watch app

March 1, 2017 - running watch

It’s satisfactory to contend I’m a large Strava fan, and while I’ve tested flattering most each using app over a years, it’s Strava that’s stuck. But a problem is that I’m also an Apple Watch Series 2 user, and adult until now, that partnership has been incompatible.

But not exclusive in a technical way. Strava was true to marketplace with an Apple Watch app – though interjection to a miss of GPS on a strange Apple Watch, it was flattering poor. You indispensable to take your phone along for a ride, and when we did use it, it wasn’t accurate. It was no compare for a correct GPS using watch.

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So when a Apple Watch Series 2 seemed with GPS built in, we suspicion it was problem solved. But a standalone Strava for Apple Watch app never appeared. That flattering most killed a Apple Watch as a using device for me. It worked good with Nike+ Run Club, though we only didn’t suffer it. we missed a Strava Segments, a minute feedback and a burgeoning organisation of friends and followers.

But now it’s arrived – a standalone Strava GPS using and cycling app, that works though a smartphone for a initial time. As prolonged as we have Strava commissioned (and updated) on your phone afterwards your Apple Watch app is prepared to rock.

Going running

Why we won't be ditching my using watch for Strava's new Apple Watch app

When we glow it up, you’re presented with a luscious START symbol – though beware: a app defaults to cycling mode, so you’ll need to tweak a settings. Swipe left to toggle between using and cycling, miles and kilometers and spin on automobile pause. Being a extent of a app’s settings, it creates for a flattering minimal experience.

The Strava app is also good laid out (see above), with your time displayed during a top, your live gait winning a screen, with stretch in a bottom left and live heart rate in a bottom right. It’s flattering most a basis lonesome off, though here comes a initial negative: there’s a miss of customisation options. You can’t cycle by for normal run pace, have your run displayed by heart rate zones, for example. It’s all a bit limited.

Accuracy woes

We’ve tested a app flattering extensively, and correctness for distances was a churned bag.

The initial dual runs were nailed on accurate to a TomTom Adventurer (see below).

Why we won't be ditching my using watch for Strava's new Apple Watch app

First run, considerable accuracy

The third journey was roughly a mile out over a 5 mile run, and afterwards a fourth run was behind to accurate again. That’s in gripping with a knowledge of a Apple Watch in general. One in 4 runs only aren’t accessible accurately, and if we weren’t religiously comparing to other watches – like us – we only wouldn’t notice.

Another dispute was pacing. Average gait was frequently a lot reduce on a Apple Watch app than a GPS watch, with one formidable breezy run accessible during fast 8:18 min/miles, compared to a some-more picturesque 8:51 min/mile on a TomTom. And it wasn’t only normal pace; live gait was really delayed to register changes. After a discerning mangle to take photos, we were using for a few mins before a Strava app reported a normal gait again. If you’re a curtain that gets hung adult on your pacing – and let’s face it, we all do – that’s going to grate.

Why we won't be ditching my using watch for Strava's new Apple Watch app

Run 3 showed a inconsistency between TomTom (left) and Strava (right)

The heart rate guard works good – a win for Apple’s hardware rather than Strava – and a app is utterly able of stating on your bpm during solid runs. You won’t wish to start attack too many intervals, though you’ll get an honest estimation of even high dash runs.

So it’s a churned bag for Strava. We’re gay it’s accessible and we will use it when a normal GPS watch is unavailable, and that’s a tiny step forward. But dangerous correctness means we won’t be ditching dedicated wearables anytime soon.

But for whatever reason – and we dispense no censure – third celebration Apple Watch apps still aren’t discouraging dedicated wearables. It’s maybe a theme to be tackled another day, though a Strava Apple Watch knowledge should make a need for a low-end Garmin watch redundant. And it doesn’t. It’s not a bad choice in a squeeze, though a deputy it’s not.

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