What to watch for: Matt Asiata burst starts Vikings using game

November 1, 2016 - running watch

With Jerick McKinnon ruled out opposite a Bears, Matt Asiata will take over a reigns in a backfield tonight.

Asiata has finished a decent job this deteriorate in his role, and infrequently has looked most some-more fit with Sam Bradford in a backfield. Asiata is some-more of a downhill runner, and with a Vikings descent line looking to miscarry after a terrible diversion opposite a Eagles, demeanour for a Vikings to run a round a ton early.

We have already highlighted Stefon Diggs and how his compare adult is great, and he should be heavily concerned in a offense tonight. Yet, Asiata will get a majority touches, as good as Ronnie Hillman.

But Asiata is a pivotal for a Vikings, and he will demeanour to do a lot of repairs opposite a leaky Bears defense. If Asiata is means to keep a Bears honest in a run game, Bradford and Diggs could have a hay-day opposite a diseased Bears secondary.

The using diversion is outrageous tonight. If Asiata plays well, design a Vikings to hoop a Bears. If not, it will be a customary Vikings vs. Bears matchup that will keep us adult during night wondering ‘How was the diversion so close? It was opposite a Bears.’

While we do trust a Vikings will come out of Chicago with a win, if a using diversion can’t get going, a Vikings could onslaught again tonight.


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