Watch Tom Cruise Run for 18 Minutes Straight in Massive Montage

October 19, 2016 - running watch

“I’m sorry, John, though you’re going to have to run again.”


Burger Fiction has put together a collection of what they explain is each Tom Cruise using stage ever, and it’s roughly 20 mins of powerful practice that’s creation me check in on my possess New Year’s resolution. Damn, Tom, you’re creation a rest of us demeanour bad.

Now, this isn’t a initial Tom Cruise using montage we’ve seen, though I’d disagree it’s substantially a longest, with dozens of films on a list. The funniest partial is that it unequivocally doesn’t matter what kind of film it is, he’ll substantially run during some point. You’ve got movement and scholarship novella on a list, of course, though also regretful flicks and contemplative dramas. I’m overtly extraordinary if it’s only created into his contracts now: “Tom Cruise contingency run.”

Every time we put it on, and it’s been a few times now, we only suppose that uncanny lady from Minority Report screaming during him to go for another job.


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