Watch This Truck Running From The Cops Launch Into Orbit After Hitting Spike Strip At 115 MPH

March 1, 2017 - running watch

An 18 year-old pushing a stolen Toyota Tacoma using from a military in Webster Parish, Louisiana strike a set of spike strips going 115 mph, subsequently barreled off of a highway and into a drainage ditch, launched a lorry into a atmosphere and landed on a automobile parked during a restaurant.


The terrifying pile-up was restrained on video by somebody station only feet divided from a trail of a out of control truck, display a Tacoma fly right into a embankment and afterwards go drifting right behind out of it.

The lorry shop-worn a grill and landed on a lady sitting in her automobile in a parking lot, who somehow managed to shun unharmed, according to KSLA.


The 18 year-old driver, Kevonte Dekorey Austin, was a newcomer in a stolen lorry when it was pulled over for speeding. Austin, an transient restrained who is believed to have stolen a car while on work release, slid into a motorist chair as a officer spoke with a strange motorist and took off.

Austin and a motorist that had creatively been pulled over have both been taken into control and, amazingly, nobody was severely harmed after a freaking two-ton lorry fell out of a sky.

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