Watch this NFL using back’s ‘Walking Dead’-themed marriage photoshoot

August 2, 2016 - running watch

This isn’t something we see really often.

Pittsburgh Steelers regulating behind DeAngelo Williams redefined “fairytale wedding” when he and his mother had a marriage photoshoot distinct any other.

He and a whole marriage celebration were professionally done over to demeanour like zombies for a “Walking Dead”-themed wedding.

Williams pronounced he “wanted to do rendezvous photos with us being chased by zombies” though didn’t have time since he and his mother got married during a season.

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“I’m a outrageous Walking Dead fan and we know a marriage day is typically for a lady or for women, so a whole whole marriage celebration are zombies and we get an event to flex the Walking Dead muscle,” Williams explained.

“Not usually did we turn a Walker, though we became a husband.”

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