Watch These Amateurs "Run What They Brung" in a Bunch of Pickup Trucks

June 9, 2017 - running watch

If you’ve been advantageous adequate to spend a feeling night unresolved out during some of America’s tiny city ovals, you’ll know that things can get a tiny eccentric divided from a splendid lights of a super speedway. The long-running spectator drag array during Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Maine—also famous as a South of a North—is a excellent instance of that, bringing new definition to a word “run what we brung.”

In this case, that means a garland of pickup trucks and SUVs going wheel-to-wheel on a white-knuckle path around a tiny lane for a $500 grand prize. And yes, while purpose-built drag pickups positively exist, these are unchanging people (read: not veteran racers) throwing down in their plain aged daily drivers. You’ll see a few that have been lowered, propitious with racing tires, or differently modified, though for a many partial these are beaters, work trucks, or grocery-getters by and through.

The foe is a normal ladder setup, with a margin being cut in half during a finish of any spin and winners relocating on to face any other. You’ll see some truly choice entries here, including a mid-1990s Chevrolet C/K with a organisation cab and a highway work light bar, a soccer-mom-special Chevrolet Tahoe, a fish-out-of-water WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee, and of march that GMC Sierra with a ladder shelve out behind seen above.

Who comes out on top? You’ll have to watch to find out. Be certain to demeanour for a red Silverado as a motorist overcooks it on a final spin and ends adult beached on a infield tire barriers. 

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