WATCH: The Philadelphia Police Do a Running Man Challenge

June 15, 2016 - running watch

The Philadelphia Police Department recently expelled a Running Man video, and it’s really, truly fabulous.

The video – all 11 mins and 33 seconds of it – combines a Running Man Challenge with a satire of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

In box we somehow missed it, a #RunningManChallenge refers to a fibre of viral videos originally started by two high schoolers and adopted by a organisation of University of Maryland basketball players who available their possess dance and posted it to Instagram. Many NBA players have given posted videos of themselves dancing to “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJ’s, a soundtrack of the Running Man Challenge.

The PPD’s video was destined by Jeff Chrusch of a PPD’s open affairs office and created by Chrusch and Sgt. Eric Gripp, a PPD’s amicable media male and meme consultant who’s famous for his vast and nerdy tweets, that infrequently anxiety Drake or Kanye West.

We were not sure if the PPD would respond after the Detroit Police Department called them out on Facebook about 3 weeks ago by posting its possess chronicle of the Running Man Challenge. But a PPD replied, and a result (which apparently took a lot of time and effort) is better than expected. 

The video facilities officers grooving in their wood-paneled offices, on a Art Museum steps, and even in a Delaware River, versed with diving gear. In some shots, they’re planking on table chairs.

Philadelphia Police Running Man

Courtesy Philadelphia Police Department

Police Commissioner Richard Ross, Lt. John Stanford, Chrusch and Gripp are all featured, among many, many more, including Mayor Jim Kenney.

While a dancers that a PPD collaborated with toward a finish of a video are positively some-more learned than a officers themselves, it’s still flattering amusing to watch a PPD bust a move.

A series of athletes have assimilated in on a Running Man Challenge given it became renouned months ago, including Villanova Wildcat Kris Jenkins, who scored a 3-pointer opposite North Carolina that won Villanova a 2016 NCAA championship title.

@jnickens_ @jaybriddle_1 we means it’s no thang outchea we wit a movement!!!

A video posted by Kris Jenkins (@bigsmoove2) on Apr 14, 2016 during 11:20am PDT

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