WATCH | Shambolic using between a wickets sends David Miller packing

June 11, 2017 - running watch

Ashwin bowled a quicker smoothness that du Plessis cut to brief third man. However, after environment off for a single, du Plessis hesitated before determining to make a run for it. Amidst a confusion, Miller was left stranded mid down a representation while du Plessis motionless to change his mind again as he did a U-turn on a wicket. Du Plessis dived behind to his possess batting double when Miller had roughly crossed over but, by then, a repairs had already been finished and Kedar Jadhav uneasy a seat to move an finish to a drama. 

The on-field central referred a preference to a third referee to get a clarity about who had unsuccessful to make his double and replays suggested that it was Miller, who would bear a brunt. That wrested behind a movement in India’s foster and South Africa mislaid dual some-more wickets in discerning period after that as well. 

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