Watch: “Running Man” Teases Animation Featuring Members As Animals

June 15, 2017 - running watch

SBS’s “Running Man” will incited into an animation!

Previously, inside sources suggested that an charcterised chronicle of a accumulation uncover is now being worked on with a idea of airing someday this year.

The animation aims to aim children. The broadcasting hire will be operative with mobile follower association LINE and a association specializing in formulating animations.

The charcterised chronicle of “Running Man” will underline a members as animal characters in a story. Yoo Jae Suk will be a grasshopper, Kim Jong Kook will be a tiger, Lee Kwang Soo will be a giraffe, HaHa will be a penguin, Ji Suk Jin will be an impala, and Song Ji Hyo will be a cat.

This won’t be a bizarre judgment for a members as they formerly seemed as animals in a “Animal Kingdom” special part in 2014.

Following this report, SBS expelled a teaser confirming that “Running Man” has an animation in a works to be suggested in July. Check it out below!

Meanwhile, we can watch a latest part of “Running Man” here!

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