WATCH: ‘Running male challenge’ creators Snapchat with Michelle Obama

June 24, 2016 - running watch

HILLSIDE — Cross Snapchat off a list of amicable media apps a initial lady of a United States has now cowed — with a assistance of two Hillside High School teenagers who trafficked to a White House to lend her a hand. 

The Ellen Show recently sent Kevin Vincent and Jerry Hall to Washington, D.C., to assistance Michelle Obama launch an comment on a renouned photo- and video-sharing app.

The teens’ claim to fame? Reviving a 90s “Running Man” dance disturb final winter when they posted Instagram videos of themselves doing a dance to Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo.” The trend went viral after University of Maryland basketball players filmed their possess rendition of a dance during a NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

During their outing to D.C., Vincent and Hall did a Running Man in a White House and on a National Mall, even convincing a few tourists in front of a Lincoln Memorial to join them. 

They also got in a few questions for a initial lady, seeking her what superpowers she would like to have and her recommendation for college-bound students. (“Eat vegetables,” she told them.) 

Obama left Vincent and Hall on a initial building of a White House, mouth-watering them to debate a building. 

“Just don’t mangle anything,” she said. 


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