WATCH: Red Sox shortstop beats a chuck to second and only keeps running

June 16, 2016 - running watch

Far too mostly this season, it’s been easy to forget that Xander Bogaerts is only 23 years old. Bogaerts, after all, entered a weekend attack .349/.398/.508 — good for a second-highest OPS+ (140) among competent shortstops. Yet Bogaerts looked comparison than his age opposite a Twins on Saturday for other reasons — namely, a heads-up baserunning play.

During a sixth inning, Bogaerts found himself during initial bottom with nobody out and David Ortiz adult to bat. The Twins were positioned in an overshift, positively looking for a double-play ball. Sure enough, Kyle Gibson got a grounder to his second baseman, who afterwards dismissed to a keystone. Unfortunately, for a Twins, Bogaerts kick a chuck to a bag. He afterwards did something unusual: he kept running, all a approach to third base.

Bogaerts’ play would’ve looked intelligent regardless of what followed, nonetheless a Hanley Ramirez flyball to left margin a few seconds after enabled him to scurry home, thereby violation a 4-4 tie.

The Red Sox would go on to subjection a Twins — interjection in partial to a two-run home run by Bogaerts (who else?) after in a game. In annoy of that, here’s anticipating Bogaerts’ arrogance is remembered. Players this young, talented, and intelligent don’t come along often. No consternation he’s Boston’s newest superstar.

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