Watch Out For Lights During Running Landings

February 29, 2016 - running watch

Late final year a FAA released InFO 15016 to helicopter operators on a subject of using landings, and privately a hazards of doing them on runways with embedded lighting. On May 7 final year a Bell LongRanger contacted a recessed centerline lights in a paved runway while a commander was practicing using landings, causing repairs to the skids.

The InFO points out that any component of a fumble conformed with a required approvals: ATC had certified it, it was conducted within operational standards and a centerline lighting was FAA approved. The responsibility is therefore on pilots to forestall a recurrence, and to that finish a group advises operators to equivocate doing using landings on runways with embedded lighting. If that is not probable (perhaps a commander needs to make a using alighting to a aflame runway for reserve reasons), a FAA urges pilots to land equivalent to a left or right of a centerline, over a touchdown section lights and divided from high-speed taxiway centerline lights so as to equivocate contacting any of a embedded lighting in a runway.

All runways versed with centerline lights are during slightest 150 feet wide, and touchdown-zone lights occupy a initial 3,000 feet of runway over a threshold or half a runway length on runways that are reduction than 6,000 feet long.

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