Watch: Milind Soman’s 76-yr-old mom run a marathon – in a sari and barefoot!

August 5, 2016 - running watch

milind soman mom running, milind soman mom, milind soman, usha soman, a good india run marathon, milind soman ironman, ironman, pinkathon This video of Milind Soman’s mom using a marathon has left viral for all a right reasons. Life goals, anyone? (Source: The Great India Run/Facebook)

Ironman Milind Soman has been redefining aptness during 50 in India, and a latest video explains a force behind his marathon successes. It’s his mother!

In a new video common on Facebook by The Great India Run – a two-week-long marathon between Ahmedabad and Mumbai in that Soman has been participating – his ansolutely overwhelming 76-year-old mom Usha motionless to join him. According to a information on a video, it was shot on a penultimate day of a The Great India Run (which concludes on Aug 4) nearby a Manor, a district nearby Thane.

The video has left viral for apparent reasons. Within a day of being posted, it was noticed scarcely 350,000 times, with tighten to 5,000 shares. And a numbers are going adult as we type.

But if we consider a septuagenarian using a marathon is unbelievable, there’s more. The biochemist and former clergyman was using in a sari and barefoot! Beat that! That’s 20 seconds of awesomeness that will give we life goals for sure. In fact, this is not a initial time she’s wowed everybody either. A integrate years back, Usha reportedly walked 100km in reduction than 48 hours for a Mumbai Oxfam Trailwalker, and that too but any assistance or medical help. How many of us can exaggerate of that?!

Watch a video here.

Milind Soman himself has turn a print child of marathon using and aptness in India. He organises a Pinkathon, a using eventuality that raises recognition on breast cancer, and has been a outrageous believer of women empowerment and aptness for utterly a while. According to reports, he is operative on building a lightweight using sari for women, and it’s not suprising to see where he might have got a thought from.

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