WATCH: Michigan RBs manager Jay Harbaugh on holding over position he’s never before coached

April 14, 2017 - running watch

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Jay Harbaugh has never coached using backs.

He never played using back, either. His knowledge holding handoffs is singular to a few backyard games.

“I carried a round a few times flourishing up,” Harbaugh quipped. “I scored on one, for what it’s worth.”

Yet somehow, a 27-year-old — a oldest son of Michigan conduct manager Jim Harbaugh — is a newest using backs manager during Michigan. He found out about his move, from coaching parsimonious ends to using backs, progressing this year during a late-night phone call from his father.

“He told me during 11:30 during night. we was in Houston, and we talked about it,’ pronounced Jay, who took over for Tyrone Wheatley in January. “I hung up, excited, and we usually laid in bed, awake, meditative about using backs. we was vehement about it.”

The new pursuit would come with challenges, right?

Never mind a plea of nepotism; some would advise he got a pursuit simply since of his father. Jay Harbaugh has listened it many times before, yet he appears to be holding this career pierce in stride.

And he’ll take a large walk Saturday, when a Wolverines play their open diversion during Michigan Stadium commencement during 1 p.m.

“There’s zero in sold that stands out where we think, ‘Man, this is flattering hard,’” he said. “I already knew a guys, so there’s a certain turn of laxity and trust there. But I’m not sure. It seems like there should be something, yet zero in particular.”

What’s tender one player, though, is Harbaugh’s credentials for his new job, especially after he spent the final dual seasons as Michigan’s parsimonious ends/assistant special teams coach.

“Coach Jay strike a belligerent running,” RB Chris Evans pronounced during a start of open practices. “The initial day, he had a meeting, and we was blown divided by how prepared he was.

“It’s like a using backs manager never even left. He jumped right in and got on house with all that we were doing.”

Karan Higdon has seen a impact of Harbaugh’s industry in taking over a pursuit vacated by Wheatley, who is now a using backs manager for the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars.

“He’s complicated a game,” a using behind pronounced Thursday, observant that Harbaugh is fixation some-more of an importance on pass insurance from Michigan’s using backs. “(Harbaugh) knows that he didn’t play a position, so he took a opposite perspective, complicated a game. He’s watched films of NFL using backs and been means to lift those techniques with us. And it’s been working.”

Harbaugh’s background and his laxity with a module and a players gives using behind Ty Isaac certainty in his new position coach.

“We’ve always had a good attribute even yet we wasn’t in his room,” pronounced Isaac, a fifth-year senior. “Who am we to doubt what he does or does not know, as prolonged as he’s been around it.”

It doesn’t harm that Harbaugh is from a football family. The younger Harbaugh also relied on his knowledge in coaching, and being around some-more gifted coaches when he was an undergraduate partner during Oregon State (2008-11) and an descent peculiarity control manager with a Baltimore Ravens (2012-14), where he worked for his Uncle John.

“The approach coaching works, if you’re doing it right, you’re interesting everything,” Harbaugh said. “I’ve worked with quarterbacks before in Baltimore. In that world, you’re articulate about protections. With parsimonious ends, there’s track using and run-game blocking, so there’s a run game. The usually thing that’s opposite is carrying a ball. We’ve got gifted guys who can do that on their possess and we can assistance them, during least, with guidance, in terms of, ‘read this,’ or we consider a round should have left here or there.’

“It’s not as large of an composition as it’s done out to be.”

Harbaugh takes over a position organisation that constructed final season, notwithstanding not carrying a bona fide No. 1 using back. Evans, Higdon, Isaac and De’Veon Smith total for 2,302 yards and 25 touchdowns in 2016.

So does Harbaugh wish to find a No. 1 using behind for 2017?

“Guys are going to be put in a position where they’re good at,” Harbaugh said. “It competence be a certain run for a certain form of guy, or a certain intrigue for another man but, obviously, any manager would like a man to emerge that he can trust.

“But in reality, I’d like each man to emerge. I’d like to be thinking, ‘I wish this man to be in, yet we unequivocally wish to be personification these guys, too.’ You’d like to be means to hold your whole group. we never favourite to consider about using backs like that, presumption that dual or 3 guys aren’t going to be good enough. we wish everybody to be good. It’s flattering elementary yet for some reason that’s never talked about.”

That might make Harbaugh’s initial year on a pursuit a small easier, too.

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