Watch: Mass Effect: Andromeda’s PC Version Running On A GTX 1080

March 17, 2017 - running watch

YouTuber Dude18594 has gotten his hands on a duplicate of Mass Effect: Andromeda early. Even better, it’s a PC version. Given that many impressions and videos this week have been formed off a PS4 version, he motionless to put his duplicate to a test.

Seen above, he available a initial 30 mins of Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s PC chronicle using on a GTX 1080, a $550 graphics label that is currently a fourth many absolute GPU solution in a world.

The formula aren’t so hot. While Mass Effect: Andromeda shows moments of brilliance, quite in a outside environments, it’s unsuitable in a delivery. Face models and some lightning effects seem off, to a indicate where it’s formidable to keep your eyes off them. And of course, a awful facial animation is manifest in a full capacity.

The good news is that opening appears to be comparatively stable. The strange Mass Effect didn’t suffer such a luxury.

Mass Effect: Andromeda launches on Mar 21st. Our examination will be published Monday morning.

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