WATCH: LSU Leonard Fournette runs right over Texas Tech DB

December 31, 2015 - running watch

It wasn’t too prolonged ago that we were referring to LSU using behind Leonard Fournette as a favorite to win a Heisman Trophy. Unfortunately, he left during a final third of a season, and wasn’t even nominated for a award.

But he can still make hostile defenders compensate for perplexing to tackle him head-on, generally if they’re smaller than he is.

Check out what he did to Texas Tech defensive behind Keenon Ward during a initial half of a Texas Bowl. Ward attempted to mount his belligerent and attempted to tackle Fournette by his legs. He wasn’t even a blip on Fournette’s radar, though, as a absolute using behind trucked him and only kept on using as if he had engrossed no hit during all.

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