Watch How Hot Your Engine And Exhaust Get While Running

April 13, 2017 - running watch

I’ve always had an undiscerning fear of mufflers and exhausts, that we theory we can charge to frequently losing a hair and skin off my leg from a prohibited siren of my mud bike flourishing up. This fear carried over to cars though, and now we get to see my fears rationalized with a use of a thermal imaging camera.


The latest video from Engineering Explained points a FLIR thermal imaging camera a a engine brook and empty complement of a Honda S2000 right after startup and by to giving it a good revving:

The video follows a intense call of feverishness from a empty plural during startup, down by a piping and out behind to a mufflers. Somewhat alleviating my fears is saying that a scarf tips themselves are indeed not too prohibited during all, yet a gases being issued are hotter than a pipes register during on camera.

Now I’d like to see how prohibited we get on camera while pushing by traffic.

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