Watch Horizon: Zero Dawn gameplay in 4K using on PS4 Pro

January 30, 2017 - running watch

We have new PS4 Pro footage of Horizon: Zero Dawn to uncover you.

Horizon: Zero Dawn comes out in reduction than a month, and developer Guerrilla Games recently invited a press to play an updated build of a game.

Our male Alex was there, and he managed to constraint some PS4 Pro footage of it, and it unequivocally looks upgraded given a final time it was shown. The video is short, though shows a new area though any cut-scenes or story.

You can select to perspective a video in 4K, that unequivocally lets we see a details. Horizon: Zero Dawn will of march downsample a fortitude if you’re using an HDTV, though will take improved advantage of a PS4 Pro when bending adult to a 4K TV.

The diversion advantages from carrying been in growth for a while as Sony was finalising a PS4 Pro specs, and it looks like it’ll utilize a hardware improved than some of a things we’ve seen so distant from other games.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is out commencement Feb 28 on PS4.

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