Watch: Heartwarming video of male with autism using Manchester 10k for his charity

May 31, 2017 - running watch

A male with autism ran a Manchester 10k to lift income for a gift that helps him.

David Winder, who has austism and attends a Rossendale Trust in Sutton, has been using all his life. A sign of his autism means he has lots of pent adult appetite so constantly relocating creates him feel better. David does not promulgate verbally and has singular use of signs and black though expresses himself by exercise.

So he motionless to run a Manchester 10k to lift income for a trust.

David ran arm in arm with Jason Blythe, manager of Rossendale’s Oakwood Day Service, speeding along faster than any of his runs in training, and was increased by people backing a travel cheering his name. He ran a whole competition usually interlude for H2O and finished in 1hr 7mins.

David Winder ran Manchester 10k for Rossendale Trust

Jason Blythe said: “It was illusory to see that autism is not a separator and everybody during a Rossendale Trust can get concerned in prestigious events such as this, it unequivocally was an extraordinary day. we was really unapproachable to support David and be partial of his good day.”

Sponsor him by texting DAVID to 70500 to give £5.

See a video of his run here.

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