Watch Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson speak about using to be President

May 19, 2017 - running watch

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson discussed conjecture that he would run to be President during an seemed on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show this week.

The wrestler-turned-actor recently said that he would be open to a probable Presidential bid in a destiny and revealed what he’d do if he were President. Then a inhabitant check found that Johnson would kick Trump if he ran opposite him in an election.

Now, appearing on US TV, Johnson said: “This swell and a groundswell given afterwards has unequivocally been amazing. I’ve got to tell we – and I’ll tell we guys, too – I’m so impossibly flattered. There’s a inhabitant check that only came out this past week that brought together Republicans and Democrats, observant that we would kick Donald Trump if we had an choosing currently to turn President. I’ve unequivocally been blown away, it’s unequivocally flattering.”

He continued: “I consider it’s since a lot of people wish to see a opposite caring currently – I’m sorry, not different, though a improved caring today. we consider some-more poise, reduction noise. And we also consider that over a years I’ve turn a man that a lot of people can describe to: Get adult early in a morning during a absurd hour, go to work and spend time with a troops, take caring of my family. we adore holding caring of people. And we consider that kind of thing unequivocally resonates with people, generally today.”

Watch below:

Johnson is reportedly a purebred Republican and spoke during a Republican National Convention in 2000. However, he also attended a Democratic National Convention that same year.

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