WATCH: Dolphins’ Lamar Miller is using all over a Giants’ defense

December 15, 2015 - running watch

The Giants’ invulnerability can’t stop Dolphins using behind Lamar Miller. On Monday night, Miller is using all over a Giants and has single-handedly given a Dolphins an early lead.

Miller gained 69 yards on his initial 7 carries in a initial half. He’s scored both of a Dolphins’ touchdowns. His initial touchdown came pleasantness an effective unbending arm that neutralized a rebellious attempt.

His second didn’t engage any unbending arms, though that’s since nothing were needed. Miller danced his approach around a whole Giants invulnerability en track to a finish zone, scoring on a 38-yard run.

Remember a commencement of a season? When a Dolphins only refused to palm their best actor a fooball?

The times have altered down in Miami. Now, it’s Miller’s time.

Lamar Miller is using furious on Monday night. (USATSI)

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