Watch: Ayr firefighters uncover prohibited moves in waggish Running Man dance

May 7, 2016 - running watch

Phew. Ayr firefighters have got a prohibited moves.

The heroes strutted their things during an waggish slight during a town’s glow hire final night.

The organisation pulled out all a moves after they were challenged by colleagues in New Zealand to lift out a Running Man dance.

In front of a flashing glow engine, one even appears to perform a Russian dance while another shakes his bum.

West of Scotland SFRS emissary partner arch Paul Connelly said: “We were gay to learn that a firefighter colleagues in New Zealand had challenged us to perform a Running Man dance – they positively came to a right place.


“The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service didn’t persperate it. We are always happy to rivet with a communities and uncover that we are clearly prohibited things on a dance floor.

“So hose a best? we consider we extinguished any claims that we were not adult to a job.

“In fact – we trust a Ayr organisation has set a standard.

“It is illusory to see a clever clarity of partnership and intercourse between a puncture services who offer during a front line to strengthen communities via a world.”

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