Watch all a movement from a Great Midlands Fun Run 2017

June 4, 2017 - running watch

More than 6 thousand people were during Sutton Coldfield currently (Sunday, Jun 4) for a Great Midlands Fun Run. Everyone safely finished a march amid heightened security.

Participants from all over a Midlands took partial in a eventuality and were swept divided by fun run fever, braving Sutton streets and a barbarous Cardiac Hill in a 8.5 mile challenge.

Batman and Robin took partial in a Fun Run

Batman and Robin took partial in a Fun Run

First past a finishing line was Jonathan Carter in 46 mins 25 secs. The Green Lantern aka ka Nick Andrews, 50 finished a competition in 1:14. Nick was using with his son Patrick.

Other father and son duos enclosed Richard and six-year-old Jacob Harris

Fun run organiser Tracey Spare said: “It was a poetic morning good and splendid and utterly warm. It dark over and cooled down creation it ideal conditions for a runners. Not too prohibited and fundamentally dry. You could tell by a fact of how fast people were back!”

There were of march outrageous concerns after a Manchester apprehension conflict and a incidents by London Bridge overnight. Police were a calming participation via a route.

“Wherever there’s a mass gathering, it’s a intensity target. But a military have been brilliant”added Tracey.

“A successful eventuality is when everybody has finished a march safely.

Fun Run 2017

“Ultimately it’s about how most income is lifted for good causes. But on a day it is all about everybody removing behind protected and healthy. St John’s Ambulance have treated a few people though it appears to have left smoothly.”

Among those holding partial was Stephen Sutton’s silent Jane. Her son Stephen upheld divided 3 years ago aged 19 carrying been diagnosed with incorrigible bowel cancer 4 years earlier.

Family of Marie Hunter

To date, Stephen’s fundraising sum has reached in additional of £5.6 million and continues to arise as people continue to lift income in his memory.

The family of Sutton Coldfield silent Marie Hunter who mislaid her nine-year conflict with mind cancer progressing this year, aged 38, also took part.

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