WATCH: Aaron Judge clears Yankee Stadium bleachers with beast 495-foot home run

June 13, 2017 - running watch

The Yankees finished a three-game brush of a opposition Orioles during Yankee Stadium with a 14-3 victory, using their winning strain to five.

The Yankees scored 5 runs in a initial inning and pulled divided in a center innings. Aaron Judge contributed to a assault with a beast solo home run over a left domain bleachers. Look during this thing:

Exit velocity: OMG. Launch angle: LOL. Distance: 495 feet. 

That is a longest home run of a deteriorate by a flattering vast margin. The prior high was a 481-foot blast by Jake Lamb in April.

According to ESPN’s measurements Judge’s home run was 496 feet, that is their longest on record. That dates behind to 2009:

Oh, and Saturday night, Judge strike a hardest-hit home run of a Statcast epoch during 121.1 mph. So, to recap, within a final 24 hours Judge has hit:

  1. The hardest strike home run in a Statcast era, that dates behind to 2015.
  2. The longest home run of a season, per Statcast.
  3. The longest home run given 2009, per ESPN.

And for good measure, Judge combined another home run in his subsequent at-bat Sunday. That one looked like it was strike by a small mortal, however. An conflicting domain shot a quarrel or dual back.

This male is going to strike a ball 500 feet soon. we can't wait.

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