‘Unbelievable!’ Watch this Irish runner’s overwhelming quip victory

April 21, 2016 - running watch

Phil Healy stood on a lane and extended her hand, fluttering to her lane teammate to palm over a baton. By a third path of a 4×400 relay, a University College Cork women’s group was fifth and roughly a entertain of a path behind a leader.

So when Healy grabbed a baton, she started off during a medium jog, not awaiting to be means to locate a fastest runners from a other colleges, including one contestant who is firm for Rio de Janeiro this summer to paint Ireland in a 2016 Olympics.

But as Healy kept using she beheld that she began to benefit belligerent on a conduct of a pack. She accelerated and strike a rigging she didn’t consider she had. After a half a path she was still fifth, though not for long.

“With 130 meters to go we was like yeah, I’m feeling good they are not that distant forward of me, let’s get third place,” Healy told The Post.

The Irish announcers unexpected beheld Healy speeding by her competitors.

“UCC from a inlet of ruin are powering through,” an announcer said.

Then as Healy dull a hook her walk extended and into a home widen she felt her legs slip underneath her with ease. She beheld that she didn’t nonetheless feel a informed bake of a lactic poison in her muscles.

“I suspicion yeah I’m feeling unequivocally good we competence as good kick,” Healy said. “I thought, Jeez, we can go a bit further.”

In a final straightaway Healy came in three-wide and zoomed past a other straggling runners. She lifted her arms by a finish line, channel hardly a second forward of reputable Irish curtain Michelle Finn. The announcers during a accommodate went wild, squealing with pleasure during Healy’s doubtful victory. Healy herself was astounded by a win and tripped usually stairs after a finish line, face-planting into a rubber track.


Videos capturing Healy’s overwhelming finish have widespread by amicable media and left viral. Healy pronounced that her win on Saturday has brought her newfound luminary as reporters have been job her from around a globe.

Healy pronounced that “momentum and adrenaline” helped her fly by her opponents.

“I didn’t consider we could do it myself,” Healy said. “Even other athletes were like, Jeez, where did we lift that out of?”

What’s more, a 4×400 was Healy’s third competition of a day. Earlier in a accommodate she finished second in a 100 scale and won a 200 scale race, environment an Irish university record time. She pronounced that her manager motionless she should run a final leg of a 400 in sequence to time her during a longer distance. She lined adult for a 4×400 usually 20 mins after finishing a 200 scale race.

But instead of holding off during a tough gait like her manager told her, Healy started conservatively and usually began to collect adult speed when she saw a other racers entrance into view. She finished her path in 54 seconds.

“It was a outrageous certainty boost,” Healy said.

She began using around age 11 and dedicated herself to it full time by 16. She raced in youth championships and warranted courtesy for her supernatural speed. Healy, 21, grew adult outward of Cork and incited down offers to run for American colleges in Michigan, Colorado, Louisiana and New York to stay tighten to home and attend UCC. She is now study nursing and skeleton to connoisseur in 2019.

“I have to change commitments with training full time and study full time and it can be hard,” Healy said, observant that she has a investigate paper due.

For now, Healy has her sights set on a European lane championships in Jul in Amsterdam. Despite calls from reporters, she’s still grounded and removing prepared for her subsequent races.

“The uncover goes on,” Healy said. “Now behind to training.”

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