TomTom on bringing personal coaching to your wrist – and maybe your clothes

January 19, 2017 - running watch

It was behind in 2011 that TomTom teamed adult with Nike to build a initial sports watch. Six years after and a sat-nav consultant has launched several iterations of a possess GPS regulating watch, that has developed into an affordable, feature-packed choice to Garmin and Polar’s run tracking companions.

Last year saw a association betray a watch for outside adventurers alongside a Fitbit-rivalling TomTom Touch, a aptness tracker that was a initial to let we magnitude body composition from a wrist.

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TomTom is aiming to build on this momentum, flourishing a hardware ranks and addressing what’s arguably a biggest critique of a TomTom Sports platform: a app. Along with a much-needed makeover, it’s given users some-more reasons to spend some-more time in a smartphone app and hopefully opt opposite exporting tracking information to one of a third-party app alternatives. “This is something we have been operative on for a while,” TomTom co-founder Peter-Frans Pauwels told us when we held adult with him during CES progressing this month.

“Our prior app was okay, nonetheless tying in terms of user experience. We’ve now left for a nicer, card-style interface and we’ve combined a ability to perspective trends. The many critical thing we’ve combined though, in my perspective is a new insights.”

TomTom's ambitions to move personal coaching to a wrist

These insights are fuelled by delving deeper into tracking information to uncover we where you’re creation progress, and highlighting areas where we can improve. This is usually a start of a some-more personal proceed to analysing data, according to Pauwels, who says we can pattern to see this filter into other aspects of a sports and aptness wearables.

“We already offer real-time coaching with a regulating watch and it’s a kind of underline we will continue to offer to make it smarter and some-more sophisticated,” he told us.

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“The critical thing here is to start personalising that coaching. It needs to occur in a behind finish with your information and by comparing it to others. We are doing a lot of that as we pronounce and that will turn accessible over a entrance year.”

This looks expected to extend to training skeleton as well, something that a some-more determined regulating watch rivals have excelled with. Polar recently introduced a possess adaptive regulating programs, and don’t be astounded if TomTom follows suit. “We’ve also usually scratched a aspect with personalised training plans,” Pauwels told us. “It’s something we are operative on to confederate into a whole experience. That’s unequivocally on a radar. we can’t tell we when it’s going to happen, nonetheless we are unequivocally operative on it. People are seeking for it and we listen.”

Venturing into new territory

TomTom's ambitions to move personal coaching to a wrist

If TomTom’s certification as a critical wearable actor were ever in doubt, a preference to build a aptness tracker and an outside watch suggested otherwise. The Adventurer could give Garmin’s Fenix series or Suunto’s imperishable Spartan watches a run for their money. We’re still putting a Adventurer by a paces, nonetheless Pauwels assures us that it’s being good received.

“We are unequivocally happy with what we did with a Adventurer,” he said. “We know we have these unequivocally costly outside watches. I’m articulate about a $500 ones. There’s a unequivocally tiny volume of people that wish these large watches. It’s a conform statement, nonetheless usually for a tiny organisation of people.

“They tend to come with a lot of technical facilities that make clarity to a veteran towering guy, nonetheless to a rest of us we don’t caring about them as much. We felt that formulating a product during this cost turn would interest to incomparable volume of people. We identified a opening in a marketplace between those super sports watches and unchanging sports watches.”

TomTom's ambitions to move personal coaching to a wrist

Filling that opening in a outside watch marketplace is a unequivocally opposite plea to a one TomTom faced when it motionless to enter a some-more rival universe of aptness trackers for a initial time. A universe that’s dominated by Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit and a horde of other companies charity some-more affordable ways to count steps, record nap and lane exercise.

“It was unequivocally severe to go into a marketplace that was so busy’, pronounced Pauwels. “We had to try and compute ourselves from a competition, and we consider what we did unequivocally good on that front was a industrial design. We went by many iterations until we got a right look.

“Bringing a physique combination measurements was technologically severe as good since it took as many attempts to get it right. Not since a record is super new, nonetheless to do it on a wrist was a challenge.”

Looking to a future

TomTom's ambitions to move personal coaching to a wrist

So what’s subsequent for TomTom? One thing that seems certain is that it’s not going to nudge from gripping a tech around your wrist. “I always consider behind to Google Glass and this thought of looking a bit like a cyborg,” Pauwels explained.

“Wearable tech unequivocally has to fit into a norms of a culture. At slightest on a wrist we can make it demeanour like a watch and act like a watch. If we start doing it in other places it needs to be frictionless or something that we can’t see. we consider putting things in your ears all day for instance is going to be a challenge. Battery life alone is one emanate there. we do however consider there’s an engaging event with bringing a tech to clothes.”

We can pattern a most bigger program push, either that’s regulating a existent sensors to remove some-more suggestive information or bulking adult a sports tracking powers. “At a impulse we support twelve sports nonetheless we are not finished yet,” Pauwels said. “I keep revelation a group we wish towering biking on there. That’s one of a sports I’d adore to get added.”

While Pauwels wouldn’t give anything away, it looks like new hardware could be on a setting before a year’s out as well. “When we recover stuff, it’s always before summer and after summer,” he said. “I can tell we we will be creation a integrate of engaging new introductions, nonetheless that’s as most as we can contend right now.” TomTom, we have a attention.

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