‘Tis a season: Watch a Running Christmas Tree widespread fun in Tokyo!

December 24, 2015 - running watch

  • Joseph Tame Running Christmas tree
    Joseph Tame on a streets of Tokyo as Running Christmas tree

There is a Christmas tree on a lax on a streets of a biggest city on Earth, Tokyo.

British male Joseph Tame owns a digital media business in Tokyo, Japan. Dressing adult as Christmas tree, ornate with lights and decorations, Tame has been using by a streets of Japan’s collateral for a gratifying season, reports CNN.com

He common a video on his Facebook page and people can be seen entrance adult to him to hail a Running Christmas Tree, take cinema with him and be merry.

Tame’s dress has over 1500 LEDs, 9 micro-controlers and 100 batteries. It weighs 25 kg and is 2.5 metre in height. His post says,”This mobile anniversary enlightenment device has been designed to interrupt a enlightenment attention by permitting for on-demand enlightenment – simply lift out your phone and serve a Christmas tree anytime, anywhere, and Joseph will conduct in your instruction to move some light into your life.”

Tame took 60 days to make a tree and has a library of 153 Christmas songs.

According to Tame, Tokyo is a colourful city, though people still cite gripping to themselves. Tame says people in Tokyo can call a tree to revisit them or their desired ones, like they would call for an Uber. He calls it, “UBER FOR ILLUMINATIONS”.    

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