Timex partners with AT&T and Qualcomm to launch messaging services on a …

August 8, 2014 - running watch

Timex partners with ATT and Qualcomm to launch messaging services on a GPS competition watch
(Image: Timex)

I have been looking for a MOTOACTV deputy for during slightest a year and it looks like Timex is finally rising a new mobile device that will reinstate it and supplement even some-more capability.

The Timex Ironman One GPS+ was grown in partnership with Qualcomm and ATT as a aptness device that provides standalone wireless mobile connectivity for messaging and aptness use syncing. The wireless connectivity is supposing in further to Bluetooth MP3 capability, 50-meter H2O resistance, Bluetooth heart rate guard support, and a full operation of aptness tracking functions.

The Timex Ironman One GPS+ device is accessible for pre-order now for $399 with a launch date designed for November. The reward cost is identical to what we see with other high-end aptness watches, though a concentration here is on wireless connectivity. I pre-ordered one given we find a wireless messaging functionality to be a good reserve measure. we run several routes all over a city and as we get comparison my mother does worry about my reserve on a road.

You can send and accept messages and share live tracking of your run with family and friends. There is a “Find Me Mode” reserve resolution that will send an warning with your accurate plcae in box of an puncture and this functionality alone might be value a price. In addition, we can sync to third-party aptness services like MapMyRun, Runkeeper, and Strava. This device has all we have been looking for in a singular using watch.

ATT includes a year of information with a squeeze of a new Timex watch. This information use reminds me of a approach Kindle mobile information is managed. There is not nonetheless any pricing information for information use over a initial year, though we can’t suppose it costing that most given really small information is being used. we wish it ends adult being giveaway for a life of a product.

I know there are many people who don’t consider runners should listen to song on a highway given it can be a reserve concern. However, there are many of us who listen for proclivity and are wakeful of a vicinity as we run. we have not nonetheless found any other good GPS watch with MP3 capability given a MOTOACTV. Another vital reason we systematic a Timex Ironman One GPS+ device is given it has 4GB of inner storage for song that plays around a Bluetooth tie to your earbuds. 

Timex Ironman watches have been around for a prolonged time and we demeanour brazen to saying their latest and biggest on my wrist. Earlier currently we also saw a couple to other reduction costly GPS models entrance soon, including one that looks like a Gear Fit for daily activity tracking.

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