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June 7, 2017 - running watch

‘I bar nothing,’ pronounced Marlene Farrugia. Video: Matthew Mirabelli

Democratic Party personality Marlene Farrugia has refused to order out using for a Nationalist Party leadership, hardly one hour after apropos a initial third celebration claimant inaugurated to council in half a century

“At this theatre we bar nothing,” she pronounced when asked either she would competition a PN care vacated by Simon Busuttil’s resignation. 

WATCH: Marlene Farrugia greeted with taunts during Naxxar counting hall

In a press discussion hold during a Naxxar counting hall, Dr Farrugia pronounced her choosing in a 10th District – a PN building – as partial of a PD-PN bloc was a thoughtfulness that a PN’s core electorate were not happy with a aged PN. 

“They chose a claimant with Labour roots,” she pronounced adding this showed how a normal pigeonholing was no longer a reality. “Let us consider outward a box,” she said.

When it was suggested that a new PN personality might not wish to continue a bloc with PD, she pronounced “we will convince them.”

Dr Farrugia’s attainment during a counting gymnasium was greeted with taunts by Labour Party supporters, who chanted “Viva l-Labour” as she and her partner Godfrey Farrugia walked by. 

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