The best Apple Watch using apps tested

February 19, 2017 - running watch

Plenty of runners will have their eye on a Apple Watch Series 2 for tracking runs and workouts. With GPS and a dedicated Nike+ version, a Apple Watch seems like a no-brainer – something that can we ragged all day, before being taken out on a roads and trails.

But things aren’t that simple. Out of a box a Apple Watch is flattering elementary for runners. What’s more, since GPS usually seemed on a Series 2, a lot of third celebration apps don’t make use of it yet, definition we need to take your phone along for a ride. And as we’ve created in a past – that can means correctness issues.

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But a beauty of a Apple Watch is a flexibility offering by apps and a preference is improving – slowly.

We’ve tested a operation of Apple Watch using apps by going out and removing sweaty, to safeguard you’re removing a best out of your smartwatch. Here’s what’s value a download – and what to run a mile from.

Best using app: Nike+ Run Club

The best Apple Watch using apps to assistance we pound your PB

Like all Nike does, this app looks a business. With a particular volt yellow, poignant pattern and motivational features, there’s some-more than adequate of that Just Do It vibe. The recently updated iPhone app has come in for a lot of critique and while this watch describe is distant from perfect, it is still one of a softened apps tailored to a Apple Watch.

It’s discerning to load, easy to navigate and runs are elementary to start. You can supplement a Nike+ Run Club snarl to your Apple Watch face that launches true into a app where we get to name from Quick start, ‘Match Your Last Run’ or a choice of distance, generation and speed runs, nonetheless a latter requires your phone.

The Match Your Last Run underline will unequivocally interest to a go further, run harder genius that we get a lot from Nike, yet we found we frequency used it. In reality, usually violence what we did final time, be it widen or pace, isn’t unequivocally a intelligent proceed to spin a softened runner. Motivational? Maybe. Targeted? Not so much.

Once you’re indeed using things go a small downhill. The in-run shade displays stream pace, that sadly is mostly false and delayed to respond, definition we never utterly know how discerning you’re going. You also get heart rate, generation and widen and we can stagger a watch climax to crack between gait and widen stats during a run. Sadly there’s no normal gait and we can’t make BPM a lead stat, that creates it reduction effective as heart rate training tool.

There’s an indoor mode for tracking treadmill runs yet we have to remember to crack between indoor and outside settings manually, that is a small frustrating. In a tests, we also found a widen to be a prolonged proceed off what a treadmill told us we’d run.

Post run, we get a sincerely elementary stats outline yet sadly this doesn’t build into a examination story on a watch. If we wish to see some-more than your monthly sum miles and series of runs, we need to glow adult a phone.

There are other good touches, like a ability to set a sign for ‘When are we running’ next, yet this is singular to time slots from a stream day. It doesn’t recognize if you’ve already run and it would be good to be means to set a sign a small serve into a future.

Works yet phone: Yes

Complications to launch from homescreen: Yes

Free | Download

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The best Apple Watch using apps to assistance we pound your PB

Another of a renouned smartphone apps tailored for a Apple Watch, Endomondo also offers indoor and outside run tracking, permitted with a daub of a snarl from a Apple Watch home screen. This app isn’t utterly as adorned as Nike+ Run Club, and there are nothing of a ‘come on, let’s run!’ motivational features.

Once you’re running, a initial of 3 categorical in-run screens displays duration, distance, stream gait and HR. One appropriate left provides some-more minute gait stats, and a second appropriate displays your stream BPM and mangle down of how prolonged you’ve spent in any of a 5 heart rate zones. If we caring about heart rate section training, afterwards a choice to arrangement your heart rate front and centre puts this forward of a Nike+ Run Club app.

While there’s a pleasing morality here, usually like a Nike+ app, Endomondo’s Apple Watch incarnation has gaps – a biggie being that it doesn’t use a Series 2 GPS, so we still need to take your phone.

There’s also no run history. In fact, once you’ve strike Done after observation your post-run stats, they’re left for good; there are no event specific facilities like interlude using or gait and widen targets to follow; no maps, no cadence, no elevation, no integrated song controls. What we get here is GPS and heart rate tracking nude behind to a basis – yet it’s still one of a stronger apps for a Apple Watch.

Works yet phone: No

Complications to launch from homescreen: Yes

Free | Download

Strava Running

The best Apple Watch using apps to assistance we pound your PB

Talking of basic, a stream Strava Running app was designed for a first-gen Apple Watch and takes minimal to a whole new meagre level. Almost unrecognisable from a spin of fact and research you’re presented with in a phone app, you’re singular to duration, split, widen and heart rate on a in-run screen.

You can see how many miles you’ve clocked that week on a Start shade and a post-run stats widen to normal pace, yet there’s no customisation or additional options. That’s it. We’re told there’s an Apple Watch Series 2 chronicle entrance soon, yet until afterwards we’re fearful it’s no frills stuff. Watch this space.

Works yet phone: No

Complications to launch app from homescreen: No

Free | Download

Apple Workout

The best Apple Watch using apps to assistance we pound your PB

Much maligned when it launched, Workout has been softened to try and accelerate a using interest of a second-gen Apple Watch. While it’s not as flattering as Nike+ Run Club, a watch knowledge is indeed sincerely crafty and is one of a many customisable using apps on this list.

You can use your iPhone to name to arrangement distance, stream pace, heart rate, duration, normal pace, active calories or sum calories. You can foreordain a sequence in that they’re displayed, and also name between a singular and mixed metric view.

There are modes for Indoor and Outdoor Run and unsurprisingly there’s a snarl to make rising a app from your watch face easy. Once we glow adult a app, we can name an open run, or set time, widen and calorie bake goals. As with Nike+ Run Club, a app offers some proclivity with a choice to follow your best ever performances.

During your run we can use a climax to corkscrew by your stats, highlighting any one in spin for prominence, and creation it unequivocally easy to switch a concentration from stream gait to heart rate. However, if we close a shade to equivocate your sleeve incidentally pausing or finale your run, that happens a lot, we can’t afterwards stagger between stats.

One of a vital frustrations with Apple Workout is a miss of any useful formation with Siri. Ask Siri how distant you’ve run and instead of giving we a discerning audio examination out it launches a Activity app. Pause run? No such luck. What’s my pace? Not a clue.

The post run stats shade is sincerely extensive with distance, time, active calories, altogether calories, normal pace, normal heart rate yet as with Nike, Endomondo and Strava once you’ve strike ‘Done’ that’s it, they’re gone. There’s no examination story and we need to glow adult your phone to examination your run data.

Works yet phone: Yes

Complications to launch app from homescreen: Yes


The best Apple Watch using apps to assistance we pound your PB

Runkeeper was updated during a behind finish of 2016 to make use of a Apple Watch Series 2’s built-in GPS, so we can run yet your phone. And usually like Nike+ and Endomondo, it will also guestimate your widen if you’re attack a treadmill.

When it comes to a watch app there’s not many to play with in terms of personalisation. Before we set out we can set a aim gait and a limit heart rate yet that’s all.

One thing we desired about Runkeeper was a ability to emanate and follow set workouts. There are 3 pre-set options that embody 20 Minute Easy Workout, 2.25 Mile or 2 Miles with Rest, or we can build tradition workouts in a phone app and they’ll sync automatically to a list in a Apple Watch app.

This immediately turns Runkeeper into a some-more critical training tool, opening adult all kinds of options for speed and interlude sessions. Setting adult a examination takes usually a few mins and a usually genuine critique we have is that a widen increments are too large (the smallest we can set is 0.25km, creation it unfit to supplement 200m liberation sections into any speed work), and we can’t set intervals formed on a widen and a time target. It’s possibly or.

In run mode, a shade is separate into 3 areas with a tip shred bound to uncover generation and GPS vigilance strength. You can daub a center shred to switch between widen and stream pace, while drumming a bottom shred flicks between display stream and normal pace, stream gait and heart rate. You can also appropriate left to see splits.

As with many Apple Watch using apps, there’s no run story shown in a app – we need to glow adult a phone to excavate deeper into your data. And yes, that’s as frustrating here as it is with Nike+ Run Club, Endomondo or any of a others.

Works yet phone: Yes

Complications to launch from homescreen: Yes

Free | Runkeeper


The best Apple Watch using apps to assistance we pound your PB

While we can’t attest for a JogRunSprint training approach, there’s something brilliantly elementary and massively motivating about this intervals app. The grounds is simple: lope for 30 seconds, run for 20 seconds and afterwards scurry for 10 seconds. Rest and repeat. Presumably until you’re sick.

You can use a iPhone app to name a series of intervals in any set and a sum series of sets we wish to do in any event and afterwards you’re good to go. Pacing for any bid is all down to your settlement and we can see a time ticking down on a good large timer on a Apple Watch face. The watch logs a widen lonesome during any interlude and fires this into a iPhone app, nonetheless to entrance your information from past runs you’ll need to cough adult a whopping 99p.

The unequivocally crafty thing yet is how this app doesn’t unequivocally decider we in a same proceed others do. If we jog, run, scurry and finish your sets you’ve finished a job. It’s severe yet achievable, that is accurately what all runs should be.

We’d adore to see heart rate information prisoner and mapped opposite a intervals and maybe for a app to set us some gait targets to keep us on a toes.

A good proceed to work on your recovery, it also brings a bit of fun to potentially tedious lane runs and brief distances.

Works yet phone: Yes

Complications to launch from homescreen: Yes

Free | Download

SIT (Simple Interval Timer)

The best Apple Watch using apps to assistance we pound your PB

This isn’t a best looking app you’ll ever download, nor is it a excavation of run-coaching features. What it is, however, is a fantastically basic apparatus that has all we need to set adult interlude sessions in a flash, approach from your Apple Watch. That’s right, SIT gives we a kind of control many of a apps on this list would advantage from.

All we have to do is name a series of sets, a generation of your efforts and afterwards a time we wish to rest. Hit Go and you’re presented with a shade that shows that set you’re on out of a sum number, a countdown of how prolonged is left to go in this set or this rest generation and your stream heart rate.

There are many improvements we’d make to this app: for instance there’s no audio or quivering warning to tell we when you’re relocating between work and rest. We’d also adore to see a accumulation of interlude types, such as widen and even heart rate-based efforts, yet this isn’t a bad start.

Works yet phone: Yes

Complications to launch from homescreen: No

Free | Download

Runtastic Pro

The best Apple Watch using apps to assistance we pound your PB

Adidas recently announced that it was ditching MiCoach and prioritising Runtastic as a categorical run-tracking platform. The initial thing it should substantially do is repair a giveaway chronicle of a app, that is dirty with so many adverts and ascent messages for a Pro chronicle and Premium facilities that it fast becomes unbearable. Unless you’re peaceful to partial with £4.99 to get Runtastic Pro, we’d suggest side-stepping this app altogether.

Unfortunately, even if we do bombard out for a Pro chronicle you’re still not giveaway from a clumsy marketeers, who can’t conflict flashing their reward things during we and perplexing to tempt we to spend another £49.99 a year on combined features.

It’s also value observant that Runtastic Pro doesn’t use a Apple Watch Series 2’s built-in GPS, so we have to take your phone with we to lane your runs – yet that’s not this app’s usually problem.

The genuine emanate is that we found it to be glitchy. It was mostly unresponsive, with copiousness of second taps indispensable and loiter between screens and it crashed on us a series of times. On other occasions attack Start on a watch started a phone app yet froze a watch screen. All in all, not a good user experience.

The Start shade itself is a elementary event with 3 options. Choose your activity and afterwards tell Runtastic if we wish to capacitate Live Tracking so family members can follow your swell in genuine time, and either we wish voice updates on or off. Hitting Start fires adult a phone app and you’re good to go.

In using mode we get one shade with duration, distance, stream pace, heart rate and heart rate zone. The sequence is bound and there’s no choice to customise a view. It’s a contrition that a immeasurable array of information points we get on a phone app aren’t reflected on a watch.

The fact that we can appropriate left for song controls that skip between marks and postponement your iTunes song is a plus, nonetheless we’d like it to control Spotify and other streaming services, too.

Once you’ve tough pulpy to finish your examination we get a choice to supplement an emoticon that sums adult how we felt, along with what kind of turf we ran on, nonetheless it’s not immediately transparent what a disproportion between Trail and Wilderness is. The activity outline is about as minute as any we get on a Apple Watch. It includes utterly a list: distance, duration, calories, normal pace, normal speed, max speed, betterment gain, betterment loss, max elevation, normal heart rate, max heart rate and dehydration.

However, usually like all a other apps on this list, once you’ve strike Close, all that information disappointingly disappears into a phone app and there’s no run story during all on a watch.

Works yet phone: No

Complications to launch from homescreen: Yes

£4.99| Download

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