Terrified Juventus fans run from block after ‘explosion’ listened in Turin

June 3, 2017 - running watch

Thousands of Juve fans had congested into San Carlo piazza, one of a Italian city’s categorical open squares, to watch their group take on Real Madrid in a final in Cardiff on large screens.

But during a second half of a match, hundreds of people unexpected began to bolt out of a sqaure, after reportedly mistaking a crash of a firecracker for an blast or gunshot.  

Video posted online showed hundreds of people sprinting by a streets cheering and screaming, many wearing their team’s famous black and white striped shirt.

Police lights can be seen flashing while a sound of fans job any other can be heard.

Early reports suggested an ‘explosion’ had taken place in a block – though many Twitter users shortly started observant a panic was a “false alarm”. 

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