Season’s widen run shouldn’t disencumber Curry’s hold on MVP

February 20, 2016 - running watch

The question: can anyone locate Stephen Curry as he closes in on a second loyal Kia MVP award? And formed on what we’ve seen by a a Golden State Warriors’ initial 52 games — where Curry has scored 25 or some-more points a towering 37 times while leading a fortifying champs to a 48-4 record — a answer again would be a resounding, no.

The math usually doesn’t supplement adult for a competition.

If Curry usually continues on his stream gait — he leads a joining in scoring with 29.8 points — there is no throwing him. Everyone else is personification for second place.

GameTime: Can Warriors Get To 73 Wins?

The GameTime organisation discuss either or not a Golden State Warriors can get to a NBA record 73 wins?

No group done a pierce during Thursday’s trade deadline to change a narrative for a residue of this season. And there isn’t a challenger prepared to conflict Curry to a hoop a approach Houston’s James Harden did final season.

Sure, Kevin Durant could make things engaging if he keeps lighting it adult a approach he has recently. And LeBron James is always neck-deep in a MVP conversation. But Curry is so distant brazen of a container that it creates it extraordinary that anyone can locate him.

“Honestly, they competence as good close it down right now,” an Eastern Conference executive pronounced of a MVP chase. “Steph is on another turn right now. we know it was a good discuss a initial few weeks of a season, though once they strike 24-0 and a approach he was personification … he fundamentally lapped a field.”

All-Star Practice: Stephen Curry

NBA Champion Stephen Curry speaks with TNT’s Craig Sager during a All-Star Team West practice.

The fact that Curry and a Warriors are focused on things bigger than particular honors creates it even some-more remarkable. When we have a possibility to follow and potentially tip a Chicago Bulls’ record 72-win season in 1995-96, when we are sealed in on repeating as universe champions, something like a MVP competition fades into a tapestry of what could be an even larger square of art.

If we need some-more explanation that Curry has transitioned from a hoops materialisation to a pop-culture icon, demeanour no serve than this week’s intriguing amicable media hijinks from hip-hop noble Kanye West.

West’s twitter that he’s a low-pitched chronicle of Michael Jordan and Curry, “the best of 2 generations,” serves as a ultimate square of justification that Curry has ascended to a subsequent level.

Curry’s response Thursday was as totalled as it was savvy, from a actor who still seems to be removing used to frontrunner status.

“I’ve seen a lot his crazy, kind of outlandish tweets, generally in a past month,” Curry told reporters Thursday when asked for his thoughts on West’s words. “When we saw my name cranky by his fingertips that was flattering humorous and honoring during a same time. But also really weird, putting me in a same review with Michael and Kanye.”

Get used to it Steph.

The Top 10 in this week’s KIA Race to a MVP Ladder:

1. Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

Last week’s ranking: No. 1

All-Star Media Day: Stephen Curry

NBA Champion and MVP Stephen Curry sits down with TNT’s David Aldridge in Toronto.

Curry’s “Splash Brothers” counterpart, Klay Thompson, relieved him of his hardware in a Foot Locker Three-Point Contest during NBA All-Star 2016 in Toronto. But that’s a usually pretension he’ll obey this season. Curry stays a personality of a container in a MVP competition and will be intensely formidable to locate over a final 30 games of this season. Curry and a Warriors have story on their minds as they enter this final widen of a season, as they follow a Chicago Bulls’ NBA-record 72-game win mark. A 25-5 finish will put a Warriors into singular air if Curry and his organisation can hoop their business.

2. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder

Last week’s ranking: No. 2

All-Star Media Day: Kevin Durant

Thunder All-Star Kevin Durant speaks with a All-Star GameTime organisation in Toronto.

The Thunder luminary pronounced during NBA All-Star 2016 that he finally feels like he’s behind to his aged self, that is a terrible thing for a rest of a league. In a 10 games before a All-Star break, Durant averaged 32 points on 51 percent shooting, to go along with 8.5 rebounds, 5 assists and 1.2 blocks. He shredded a Warriors for 40 points, 15 rebounds and 5 assists in a Thunder’s Feb. 6 loss to a fortifying champs. It was a preview of what a Warriors and a rest of a joining can design from Durant a residue of this season. His goal to broach a Thunder behind to a league’s chosen won’t end, not as prolonged as he and Russell Westbrook are healthy.

3. LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

Last week’s ranking: No. 3

James Dominates Bulls

LeBron James nears a triple-double with 25 points, 9 play and 9 assists to lead Cleveland to a home victory.

No group indispensable a service of a All-Star mangle some-more than James and his Cavaliers, what with all of a play they had to understanding with in a issue of David Blatt’s banishment and Tyronn Lue holding over for Blatt. The trade deadline upheld though a team’s core being jarred adult and a Cavs looked rested and recharged in Thursday night’s thumping of a Chicago Bulls on TNT. James positively demeanour fresh, finishing with 25 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists. Now that things seem to have staid down, James can go about a business of solidifying his team’s position atop a Eastern Conference standings.

4. Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder

Last week’s ranking: No. 4

Westbrook’s MVP Mixtape

Check out this shave of Russell Westbrook’s outrageous night as he notched MVP honors for a second uninterrupted time in a 2016 NBA All-Star game.

Westbrook collected his second loyal All-Star MVP trophy, display that his harsh expostulate travels everywhere, even out of a country. We should have seen a All-Star MVP coming. Westbrook was a walking triple-double in a 10 games heading adult to Toronto, averaging 24.3 points, 10.2 assists and 9.7 rebounds for a Thunder group that ran off an 8-2 symbol during that stretch. During Westbrook’s continued growth as an all-around indicate guard, a usually legitimate dispute about his diversion stays a many extraordinary aspect of his illusory display this season.

5. Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio Spurs

Last week’s ranking: No. 5

All-Star Media Day: Kawhi Leonard

First time All-Star Kawhi Leonard joins a All-Star GameTime organisation in Toronto.

The Spurs took one on a chin against a Los Angeles Clippers Thursday night on TNT, their initial movement given a All-Star break. They had to play though Leonard, who sat out with calf tightness. Not carrying their best actor and a league’s best defender in uniform gave a Clippers advantages that simply are not there when Leonard is healthy and in action. Leonard’s work in a 10 games before to a mangle (21 points on 55 percent shooting, 5.9 rebounds, 2.0 assists, 1.2 steals and his common lockdown defense) highlights his loyal value to a Spurs conflict that simply is not a same when rests.

6. Chris Paul, Los Angeles Clippers

Last week’s ranking: No. 6

Paul, Clippers Romp Spurs

Chris Paul scores 28 points and dishes out 12 support as a Clippers better a Spurs 105-86.

The dual many vicious numbers for Paul and a Clippers this deteriorate are 19 and 5 — their record though Blake Griffin in uniform. Paul continues to bruise a drum for Griffin, insisting that no matter what a record is though his high-flying energy forward, a usually thing that matters is what they do when Griffin returns. And he competence be right. But his work in a meantime has been a pivotal for a Clippers group that continues to conclude itself in Griffin’s absence. The trade deadline upheld though any vital shakeup to a register and a vicious further of Jeff Green to a mix.

7. Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors

Last week’s ranking: No. 7

All-Star Media Day: Draymond Green

NBA Champion Draymond Green sits down with TNT’s David Aldridge in Toronto.

No one seemed to suffer Toronto and NBA All-Star 2016, and all that is has to offer, than a first-timer from a Golden State Warriors. Green was literally everywhere, and that includes his Saturday night 3-point duel with comedian Kevin Hart. But now that a fun is over, Green, the league’s triple-double leader, will get behind to a business of perplexing to assistance a Warriors make story (he’s plainly embracing a shot during 73 wins) and make it behind to The Finals. If Green or any of a other Warriors are experiencing any tired from their ancestral gait this season, they’re doing a illusory pursuit of stealing it.

8. Kyle Lowry, Toronto Raptors

Last week’s ranking: No. 9

All-Star Media Day: DeMar DeRozan And Kyle Lowry

The Toronto All-Star backcourt of DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry pronounce with TNT’s David Aldridge in Toronto.

Lowry was all smiles as one of a unaccepted hosts of NBA All-Star 2016 (teammate and associate All-Star DeMar DeRozan being a other). But don’t let a cheek-to-cheek laugh dope you. He and a Raptors are dead-set on chasing Cleveland for that tip mark in a Eastern Conference standings. The Raptors have copiousness of time to give follow and, formed on a approach they played before a break, should be taken severely as a legitimate challenger for that desired No. 1 spot. Lowry was on a hurl before a break, averaging 21.4 points, 5.4 assists, 4.4 rebounds and 2.0 steals in a 10 games heading adult to NBA All-Star 2016.

9. Isaiah Thomas, Boston Celtics

Last week’s ranking: No. 10

Inside Access: 2016 Taco Bell Skills Challenge

Karl-Anthony Towns claimed feat over Isaiah Thomas to win a 2016 Taco Bell Skills Challenge.

Thomas looked like a healthy on a All-Star theatre with a rest of a league’s chosen players, validating what Celtics boss of basketball operations Danny Ainge believed about him when he traded for a pint-sized playmaker final season. Thomas and a Celtics are also staid to continue their stand adult a Eastern Conference standings down a widen of a unchanging season. Thomas was during his best in a weeks heading adult to Toronto, averaging 20.8 points, 6.7 assists, 3.1 rebounds and 1.1 steals in a 10 games before to a break. The Celtics didn’t make any moves during a trade deadline, notwithstanding being concerned in countless rumors, though during slightest they know who will lead them a rest of thew way.

10. Paul George, Indiana Pacers

Last week’s ranking: Not ranked

Paul George’s 41 Points

Highlights from Paul George as he scores 41 points in a East detriment to a West.

If a Eastern Conference All-Stars were means to keep adult a pace, George and not Russell Westbrook would have walked off a theatre in Toronto with a MVP trophy. George was in a zone, finishing with a game-high 41 points, setting a record with 9 3-pointers and entrance adult a indicate bashful of Wilt Chamberlain’s scoring record for a game. George did that repairs in usually 27 minutes, a opening a Pacers would adore for him to transcribe tonight in Oklahoma City (8 ET, ESPN) when they flog off a widen run of a season. The Pacers’ playoff hopes rest on George’s ability to finish a unchanging deteriorate a approach he started (23.3 points, 7.1 rebounds, 4.0 assists, 1.8 steals in his initial 53 games) this season.

Others Receiving Consideration: Andre Drummond, Detroit Pistons; James Harden, Houston Rockets; DeMar DeRozan, Toronto Raptors; Paul Millsap, Atlanta, Dwayne Wade, Miami Heat.

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