Seahawks contingency watch as Patriots win Super Bowl LI by using it during a idea line

February 6, 2017 - running watch

For a second time in 3 years, Dan Quinn mislaid out on a Super Bowl ring pleasantness of a idea line play by a New England Patriots.

Quinn was a defensive coordinator for a Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX opposite a Patriots, when Russell Wilson famously threw a goal-line interception that hermetic a win for New England. Many disagreed with a Seahawks’ preference to chuck on second-and-goal since they had a NFL’s best using back, Marshawn Lynch, in their backfield.

Tonight, in Super Bowl LI, Quinn was during a helm as manager of a Atlanta Falcons, who consumed a 28-3 second half lead, and eventually mislaid in overtime (the Super Bowl’s initial ever overtime game), 34-28.

New England scored on a opening expostulate in overtime, and this time, they won a diversion by doing what Seattle should have finished dual years ago.

On second-and-goal from a Falcons’ two-yard line, Brady tossed a round behind to using behind James White, who pushed his approach by defenders and opposite a idea line for a game-winning score. It’s mocking when we cruise that Wilson’s interception during a finish of Super Bowl XLIX also came on a second-and-goal play.

If Seattle is propitious adequate to find themselves in a identical conditions subsequent year in Super Bowl LII, maybe they’ll take a page out of New England’s playbook and run a ball. I’m certain Richard Sherman would approve of that.

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