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February 8, 2017 - running watch

The Polar M200 is an entry-level nonetheless feature-packed GPS using watch.

It comes with built-in GPS and wrist-based heart-rate guard so it can accurately lane a stretch and your heart rate during runs.

Not usually that, it doubles as a aptness tracker that monitors your daily earthy activities, such as stairs taken, stretch trafficked and calories burnt. It also automatically monitors your sleep.

When interconnected with a smartphone around Bluetooth, it is means to arrangement notifications. The M200 is also water-resistant down to 30m, so we can wear it for showers or a swim.

But a best partial about a M200 is a affordable price. At $219, it costs reduction than some simple aptness trackers in a market. Great if we have usually taken adult jogging and wish a GPS using watch.

The M200 consists of a categorical tracker section and a silicone wrist rope in possibly red (version tested) or black. You can buy additional wrist bands in white, blue and yellow during $39 each.


  • PRICE: $219

    CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth

    WEIGHT: 40g


    FEATURES: 4/5

    DESIGN: 2/5




    OVERALL: 4/5

The tracker section slots into a wrist band. It is in all-black with one symbol on possibly side. The left symbol is a behind button, while we press a right symbol to toggle to a opposite settings, from training to heart-rate monitoring.

The tracker section has a built-in USB connector, so we can mislay it from a wrist rope and directly bond it to your mechanism for charging and syncing.

In my tests, a M200 was means to get a GPS vigilance repair within 15sec in open areas. Where there are high buildings around, such as in my HDB estate, it could take adult to 1min to get a GPS fix. By comparison, my Apple Watch Nike+ took usually 3sec to get a GPS repair before we are prepared to go.

However, a M200’s GPS distance-tracking is usually as accurate as my Apple Watch Nike+’s. Readings of my common jogging lane showed a disproportion of no some-more than 30m from a tangible distance.

But, in terms of stairs tracking, a M200 tends to lane fewer stairs – by around 9 per cent – than my calibrated Apple Watch Nike+.

Sleep monitoring is rather basic. It shows usually a generation of your nap and how prolonged we have calm or nervous sleep. Not really informative.

Although a M200 is waterproof, it is not means to count laps when we swim.

My biggest problem with a M200, though, is a looks. Or, rather, a miss of it. It shouts GPS using watch from a mile away. we couldn’t wait to take it off everytime we finished a run with it.

Another quibble: The arrangement does not light adult when we lift your wrist. It does so usually when in examination modes.

Battery life is not bad, though. Without being interconnected to a smartphone for notifications, it should final for around a week if we usually use it as an all-day aptness tracker, with a few runs thrown in.

• Verdict: The Polar M200 is an affordable and able GPS using watch for amateur joggers who do not wish to deposit too most in their using gadgets yet.

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