Running Backs & Bubble Players Are Ones To Watch Against The Rams

August 13, 2017 - running watch

LOS ANGELES – Time for a second go-around.

The Cowboys are creation a brief outing from their stay in Oxnard, Calif., to a Los Angeles Coliseum, where they’ll face a L.A. Rams for a second preseason in a row.

Last year, this diversion gave football fans a initial glance of Dak Prescott, who done a many of extended personification time in one of a many noted preseason performances in new memory.

Once again, as we get set for flog off, a staff of has a new collection of players they’ll be examination during this pivotal try-out for a final roster.


Rob Phillips

RB Rod Smith — Smith is one of my favorite players to watch in stay since of his using style: powerful, bomb and decisive. He was creation a clever box for a register mark even before Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension, and now he has a transparent trail to make a organisation with Elliott streamer to a Reserve/Suspended list during a finish of preseason. Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris are many expected to share carries when a deteriorate starts, though Smith has 4 muster games left to uncover he should be partial of that rotation.

LB Mark Nzeocha — Sean Lee and Jaylon Smith were hold out of a Hall of Fame Game, and it’s doubtful possibly will get many personification time, if any, Saturday. That should meant some-more reps for Nzeocha, essentially a backup center linebacker with a flexibility to play a clever side, too. Nzeocha is an engaging actor since he can cover a lot of belligerent for a 240-pounder. He was personification good in final year’s preseason diversion opposite a Rams until he stretched his Achilles’ tendon. Let’s see what he can do with potentially a lot of snaps.



Bryan Broaddus

RB Ronnie Hillman — After some brief movement opposite a Cardinals final week, Hillman will expected be receiving a some-more endless demeanour opposite a Rams. Where he has shown adult a many is during those one-on-one durations opposite a linebackers and when Jason Garrett calls him out for Compete Period. His using character is some-more like Ezekiel Elliott than a other backs on a register due to his quickness. There is a conspicuous disproportion with a round in his hands, that is since a pro crew dialect brought him to camp. As a maestro player, his trail to creation a bar will have to be as that lax play guy, identical to what they had with Lance Dunbar – a male that can also minister on all special teams. With a using behind abyss breeze a small murky to start a season, how good he plays in these forms of situations will establish his fate. 

CB Sammy Seamster – He is in a organisation of a “last male standing.” One of a few cornerbacks on a register that is healthy adequate to play. Should come into a diversion after Orlando Scandrick and Nolan Carroll depart. He has not been unsatisfactory during all when given a opportunity. His length has served him good in these practices, and he has shown a ability to review routes and put himself in position to urge passes. Very rival in a approach he goes about his job. Short memory when things don’t go as well. Seamster is in a conflict with Marquez White and Leon McFadden for that final mark on a register during cornerback. He needs to continue to be unchanging with his play and not let it tumble off badly in these games 



David Helman

OG Nate Theaker – We’ve spent a ton of space dissecting a starting left ensure pursuit – and for good reason. But while a coaching staff sorts out a tip of a abyss chart, we wish to take a closer demeanour during some of these immature guys. Theaker was deliberate by many to be a best undrafted giveaway representative a Cowboys sealed this year, entrance out of unheralded Wayne State in Detroit. He has been plain during training camp, though a contingency are opposite him to make a 53-man register simply since of how low a position organisation is. That said, we adore his contingency to make a use patrol – or to get picked adult by another organisation during some point. It’s doubtful a large names play a lot tonight, so this diversion will be another large event to make an impression. we consider he’s adult to a challenge.

DT Woody Baron – Perhaps a many lost male on a roster. There’s a lot of gibberish about his linemate, Lewis Neal, who has done a auspicious sense in stay so far. But Baron hasn’t been bad by any widen of a imagination. It’s fundamentally a pledge that Maliek Collins, Cedric Thornton and Stephen Paea make this roster. But if a Cowboys are going to lift a fourth defensive tackle, it’s a poser who it’ll be. Neal has flashed, and a dual seventh-round breeze picks have been solid. we wish to see if Baron can make some sound in that foe with a good diversion tonight.

Nick Eatman

WR Andy Jones – There seems to be a healthy foe combining between Jones and Noah Brown. The approach it’s moulding up, both players seem to be opposed for a final spot, and that’s if they keep 6 receivers. Of course, there are still 4 games to play and both players will expected be in all of them. Jones had a good start to stay final year, though it was in Los Angeles where he struggled a bit and didn’t continue to gleam like he did in practice. This year, he’s been good again so I’m concerned to see if he can spin a dilemma when a splendid lights come on.


DT Lewis Neal – A few weeks ago, no one would’ve unequivocally given this male many of a possibility to make a team, and it’s still a prolonged shot. But since of a suspensions and injuries opposite a line, someone we didn’t consider would make this organisation is substantially going to be on it – during slightest when a deteriorate starts. Maybe it could be Neal, who has a leg adult on some of a other guys since of his position flex. He’s been personification finish and tackle and he’s one of those high-motor guys who could simply peep in a diversion and get a pouch or dual and some tackles for loss.


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