Position to Watch: Running Back

March 24, 2017 - running watch

Running Backs

It will be unequivocally engaging to see what Clawson does with this position going forward. we would design mixed guys to get reps out of a backfield during games. Keep an eye on Cade Carney and Matt Colburn who common a infancy of snaps during a position final year, as good as Christian Beal.

Overall it’s famous that we have dual clever using backs in Carney and Colburn, so this position watch is unequivocally some-more about who emerges as a third man to get reps.

Cade Carney gives a Deacs a using behind who is able of staying on his feet by hit and violation open large runs. He is a vital reason because a using diversion was so successful final deteriorate than in prior years, and should usually continue to grow going forward. If we wish an instance of what Carney is able of, demeanour no serve than final year’s Duke game.

Matt Colburn did a good pursuit of stepping adult when Carney went down with an damage final year. When Carney came back, Colburn gave a Deacs a energetic duo, as he showed off his possess ability set that gave defenses a opposite demeanour and kept them guessing during times.

Tyler Bell has given a Deacs some good work out of a backfield a past integrate of years, though is sidelined this open with a ripped knee vinculum that could impact a tumble as well.

Arkeem Byrd was a warn squeeze for a Deacs in 2016, and now has a possibility to uncover he belongs in a revolution with Colburn and Carney.

Christian is another internal man that Clawson and his staff have assured to stay in a Triad. He has enrolled early, so we will embody him here as someone to watch this spring. He is an all-around athlete, and a man we unequivocally demeanour brazen to saying in Old Gold and Black. It seems like each time we incited on a internal news on Friday night, there were highlights of him faking out defenders and violation open prolonged runs for touchdowns. For information on Christian Beal, check out a glorious signing day form on BSD.

With a unchanging using of Carney and Colburn, hopefully one of Byrd or Beal can uncover that they can mangle a prolonged run and supplement a new dimension to a Wake using game.

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