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June 20, 2016 - running watch

When will a Apple Watch 2 launch in a UK? What Apple Watch announcements did Apple make during a 21 Mar event?

Update 20 Jun 2016: Click here to burst to a latest recover date rumours.

When Apple announced a much-anticipated Apple Watch behind in Sep 2014, people got really vehement about a judgment of an Apple-designed smartwatch. Fast-forward to today: a Apple Watch has been on sale for a year and people are wondering about the next-generation Apple Watch 2.

When will the Apple Watch 2 launch, and what new facilities can we expect? It didn’t get a discuss during Apple’s 21 Mar launch event, yet a Apple Watch did get some adore as we explain below. In this article, we turn adult all a rumours we’ve listened per a yet-unannounced Apple Watch 2. Also, we list a facilities and tech specs we’re anticipating Apple will embody in a second Apple Watch – utterly an ARM Cortex A32 processor – and since they’re essential to improving users’ experience. 

Note: The Apple Watch 2 was not announced during WWDC 2016, yet there was lots of news about WatchOS and what that means for your Apple Watch. Tune in to a live blog by clicking here.

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This essay is separate into a following sections:

  • Apple Watch 2 UK recover date rumours 
  • Apple Watch 2 pattern rumours
  • Apple Watch 2 facilities and spec rumours
  • Apple Mar event as it happened

Apple Mar event: Apple launches new Apple Watch straps during 21 Mar event

Although a Apple Watch 2 didn’t get a discuss during Apple’s Mar 2016 event, yet a smartwatch didn’t go wholly unnoticed. Apple announced that a Apple Watch was a series one offered smartwatch in a world, and that people desired a fact that changing a tag altered a demeanour of a watch. With that being said, Apple announced a flurry of new Apple Watch bands including £39 nylon bands accessible in 7 colours, some of that can be seen below. 

Along with a new line of Apple Watch straps, Apple also announced a series of new colour options for a sports and leather collections, as good as a black various of a hugely renouned Milanese loop. The Apple Watch operation also perceived a cost drop, with a Apple Watch Sport now starting during £259 for a 38mm movement and £299 for a 42mm. 

Apple Watch 2 UK recover date rumours: When will a Apple Watch 2 be announced?

Update 20 Jun 2016: According to Digitimes, there are suggestions by a boost in supply of Apple Watch components, that a launch of a subsequent watch will be in Sep 2016, alongside a subsequent iPhone. This comes from a research of Apple’s supply-chain – we wish these rumours are true!

Although there is no plain recover date for a second-generation Apple Watch 2, we now pattern it to be announced in Sep 2016. We had hoped that we would get a initial glance during a second-generation Apple Watch during a March 2016 event, yet instead Apple used it to uncover off new Watch straps as a ‘Spring’ collection, and astounded us with an Apple Watch cost drop. We also saw a new Phone SE and a 9.7in iPad Pro.

You can find out some-more about a new Apple Watch straps and pricing in our Apple Watch shopping guide, or continue reading for all of a Apple Watch 2 rumours we’ve seen so far.

Another gossip per a recover date of a Apple Watch 2 comes from China – some-more specifically, a authority of Quanta, Barry Lam. Quanta done a first-generation Apple Watch, and we pattern it’ll also be a manufacturer of a second-generation device, so when a authority announced a ubiquitous recover date window during an investors meeting, people paid attention.

According to reports, Lam claims that we’ll be saying singular batch of a Apple Watch 2 nearby a finish of Q2 2016, with some-more batch apropos accessible in Q3 2016. Based on this, it looks like a Apple Watch 2 will have a probable Jun 2016 recover date, that falls in line with a researcher claims above.

Apple Watch 2 rumours: Design and build

We’ve got an thought of when to pattern a Apple Watch 2, then. But what will it demeanour like?

Apple Watch 2 pattern rumours: New design(s)

Apple is pronounced to be exploring some-more variations of a Apple Watch, over a Sports, Steel and Edition tiers accessible with a first-gen Apple Watch. It’s pronounced that a association is formulation to deliver new models that should lay between a many costly steel Apple Watch (£949) and a cheapest Apple Watch Edition (£8,000).

The opening between a tip of a center cost rope and a bottom of a tip cost rope has always looked rather wide, and Apple seems to be looking to attract business peaceful to compensate between £1,000 and £8,000 for an Apple Watch: that is potentially utterly a lot of people.

However, it’s uncertain as to how a new tiers will differ from stream models. It’s been suggested that a new tier could underline some-more modernized bands or new materials including tungsten, palladium, titanium or even platinum.

Despite what’s been pronounced about intensity new models, according to reports in Apr 2016 from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, the Apple Watch 2 competence not indeed adopt a new design, with usually a internals removing some adore from Apple. We’ve come to pattern incremental specs improvements to hardware from a association in iPhones and iPads of new years, so it’s not outward a realms of probability that this is a choice Apple will go with. 

Apple Watch 2 rumours: Software, apps and connectivity

Update 10 Jun 2016: There are a few rumours suggesting that a Watch 2 can run on a own, permitting it to run exclusively from an iPhone. In this respect, it’s rumoured that a Watch 2 will have an untethered mode, permitting we to directly bond your Apple Watch 2 to a network, directly from a watch itself. We don’t consider Apple will allow this, due to a battery impact it will have on a device.

There are even some-more rumours surrounding a inclusion of a 3G or 4G-enabled Apple Watch 2 that will pierce a lot new connectivity options to a arriving watch. However, this competence lift regard for those wanting a better battery life.

According to a blog post from Apple, all apps grown from 1 June for a Apple Watch contingency be ‘native’ – that is, apps that can operate from a Watch instead of a user’s tethered iPhone. This competence have a certain impact on speed, given that apps will now all run right there on your wrist.

This also ties in in partial to another news from the Wall Street Journal that a Apple Watch 2 competence get mobile connectivity. We’ve seen smartwatches from Samsung that boat with 3G connectivty, and concede users to make ans accept calls yet their phone. It complicates things somewhat for mobile operators as Apple will have to make it transparent how a user is billed for mobile use over dual devices.

However, intensity mobile connectivity for Apple Watch 2 is exciting, as disjunction a tie between a Watch and iPhone is an vicious technological step to a Watch being a all day any day personal partner Apple is clearly forgetful of. Being means to pierce adult local apps over a network tie yet your phone competence clear new possibilities for watchOS developers. 

Apple Watch 2 pattern rumours: Third celebration battery straps

We’d all also had a eyes on a cold association called Reserve Strap. Its crafty pattern done use of a Apple Watch’s appendage pier in a tag with a battery that authorised a watch to, it’s claimed, reason a assign for adult to a week. However, a association announced a disappointment recently that in a change to the Apple External Accessory Protocol in Apple’s watchOS 2.0.1 update, a appendage pier will no longer support a Reserve Strap’s functionality.

For those who had pre-ordered a strap, a association advises that if we don’t ascent your OS, you’ll be OK – yet for all those who will no doubt wish to it seems, for now, a battery boost thought will have to go behind to a sketch board. 

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Apple Watch 2 pattern rumours: Multi-function bands

Along with updating a physique of a Apple Watch in a second-generation device, it looks like Apple competence be introducing a new multi-function rope alongside it. As initial spotted by AppleInsider, Apple recently filed an engaging obvious by a name of “Magnetic Wristband”, and sum a captivating wristband for a Apple Watch that offers additional functionality.

According to a patent, a captivating wristband will, obviously, underline a set of magnets embedded into it, permitting a dual sides to join together. For consumers, this means that when worn, a magnets would reason a Apple Watch in place (much like Apple’s Milanese Loop) – yet it’s when a watch is taken off that a new rope comes into a own.

The tag could be wrapped around a watch, that would postpone a shade in a center of a straps, ideal for insurance when being stored or transported. As good as charity additional protection, a tag could also double adult as a mount (ideal for Apple’s nightstand mode) as it’s been designed to hurl adult behind a Watch, propping it up.

Apple Watch 2 rumours: Features and spec

That’s what we consider a subsequent Apple Watch will demeanour like. But we’ll speak subsequent about the inside of a Apple Watch 2: what changes can we pattern to a tech specs, and what new facilities will it offer?

Apple Watch 2 rumours: Why a Apple Watch 2 needs an ARM Cortex A32 processor

ARM has suggested a code new pattern for an ultra-tiny CPU built privately for wearables like a Apple Watch and we wish a ARM Cortex A32 in a next-generation Apple Watch 2.

ARM processors have prolonged shaped a heart of Apple’s iOS devices, even yet it builds a possess SoCs, or systems-on-a-chip, underneath a A and S banners. So it’s no widen to see this new chip’s timing being ideal for an Apple Watch upgrade, and it could solve many of a Apple Watch problems we’re having.

Apple Watch 2 rumours: ARM Cortex A32

Inside a ARM Cortex A32

First and foremost, a A32 promises improved battery life, with faster opening and reduce energy usage. It’s adult to 25 percent quicker than a stream ARM offering, and it achieves this while shortening energy consumptions.

“The Cortex-A32 delivers 25% some-more potency (performance per mW) than a Cortex-A7 in a same routine node. Cortex-A32 delivers this potency by a multiple of both opening improvements and energy reduction,” says ARM.

The Cortex-A32 processor incorporates new energy government facilities compared to Cortex-A7 and Cortex-A5 processors, thereby providing some-more capabilities for embedded applications that need minimal idle energy consumption.

Apple Watch 2 rumours: ARM Cortex A32 performance

The new ARM Cortex A32 looks set to solve many of a gripes with a Apple Watch. It’s faster, so apps and a interface can respond some-more quickly.

The ARM Cortex A32 has improved energy government so a Apple Watch competence have a longer battery life (or be reduction discerning to close off a screen).

The new chip also offers improved media playback functionality that competence urge a Apple Watch’s audio and video playback ability.

New Apple Watch chip could be 32-bit powerhouse

The new ARM A32 uses a new ARMv8-A pattern yet in a 32-bit usually environment. This 32-bit sourroundings is vicious since a 64-bit processor draws too most energy for a Apple Watch, and a newer ARMv8 pattern enables a device to be some-more efficient.

Apple Watch 2 rumours: ARM Cortex A32

The stream CPU in a Apple Watch (branded a S1 yet designated “APL0778”) uses a comparison ARMv7 pattern with a PowerVR SG543 graphics estimate unit.

ARMv8 has so distant been singular to power-hungry 64-bit processors, like a ARM A35, a form that sits inside a iPhone 6s and iPad Pro. The new Cortex A32 is mostly an ARM A35 with a 32-bit architecture.

ABI Research has a best research of what’s now inside a Apple Watch.

The new ARM Cortex A32 is designed for wearables, like a Apple Watch, as good as a arriving Internet of Things (iOT) and tiny microcontroller play like a Raspberry Pi.

ARM says: “[ARM Cortex A32] is suitable to use in a operation of embedded markets that need aloft opening than a microcontroller, or have a need for a abounding OS such as Linux, Android or Windows.”

The new ARM Cortex A32 is designed to scale down to an impossibly tiny footprint. The smallest pattern of a Cortex-A32 processor occupies reduction than 0.25×0.25 mm and consumes reduction than 4mW during 100MHz in 28nm.

On a other hand, a incomparable Quad-Core pattern is accessible regulating during 1 GHz, relating a kind of desktop-class energy found in mobile phones and Raspberry Pi devices.

According to ARM, a Cortex A32 offers these benefits:

  • ARMv8-A (AArch32) instruction set
  • Enhanced floating prove performance
  • Substantially faster program encryption
  • Enhanced media performance

“The ARM Cortex-A32 processor is a smallest, lowest-power ARMv8-A focus processor designed to pierce potency and architectural improvements The Cortex-A32 is formed on an 8-stage in-order tube that has been extensively optimised to practice a 32-bit instruction set of a ARMv8-A pattern form in a smallest probable die area while significantly shortening energetic energy expenditure compared to a stream leader, a Cortex-A7 processor.

Apple Watch 2 rumours: ARM Cortex A32

Apple Watch 2 rumours: FaceTime camera

According to sources, Apple is formulation to supplement a FaceTime video camera to a second-generation Apple Watch, that will capacitate users to make and accept FaceTime calls around their wrists. The new FaceTime camera is pronounced to be integrated into a tip bezel of a Apple Watch 2, yet we’re not too certain how many people would actively FaceTime around a Watch.

Apple is already operative on regulating a Apple Watch for FaceTime, as a recently expelled watchOS 2 brings support for FaceTime audio calls. Does that prove that it’ll shortly pierce onto video calls?

9To5Mac does note, though, that Apple trials many prototypes of a products before settling on a final one, so a FaceTime camera competence not make it into a final indication that creates a approach into stores.

In Jan 2016, reports have flush claiming that a arriving Apple Watch 2 competence underline a much-rumoured front-facing FaceTime camera, yet not most else. As initial remarkable by Tech Crunch, citing several sources, it appears that a Apple Watch 2 competence not be a finish redesign with vital changes to a pattern and features, and competence be some-more of an ‘S’ refurbish identical to a iPhone modernise cycle. It’s also claimed that Apple is still uncertain of a Apple Watch modernise cycle, as a some-more of a messenger for your smartphone rather than a standalone device (for now, anyway).

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Apple Watch 2 rumours: Variety of health sensors

In an interview with The Telegraph, Tim Cook hinted that a association competence make a medically authorized device, yet it wouldn’t be a Apple watch. Cook explained that a intrusion that FDA accreditation would means to a product recover cycle, that eventually put him off carrying a Apple Watch vetted for full-blown health use. Although with this being said, it hasn’t totally put him off a thought of building a product for use in a medical world:

“We don’t wish to put a watch by a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) process. we wouldn’t mind putting something adjacent to a watch by it, yet not a watch, since it would reason us behind from innovating too much, a cycles are too long. But we can start to prognosticate other things that competence be adjacent to it – maybe an app, maybe something else.”

Ahead of a central launch, there was a lot of speak per a Apple’s wearable and specifically, that it’d be installed with health sensors. So distant that’s not proven to be a case, with heart-rate and activity tracking charity a customary turn of aptness tracking, yet zero more. Even yet Cook has settled that it’d be a opposite device, is this usually a approach of throwing us off a smell of a arriving Apple Watch 2? It looks like it could come with a full apartment of health sensors, that is something we’d welcome.

Following a interview, a series of Apple pursuit listings have come to light and with them, a demeanour during what Apple competence be now operative on. In Dec 2015 and Jan 2016, Apple posted dual listings looking for biomedical engineers with a credentials in “medical, health, wellness and/or aptness sensors, inclination and applications”. Although there is no discuss of a Apple Watch in a listings, it’s widely insincere that a roles are associated to a inventory for a fitness program engineering manager, that went adult in Nov and is privately for a Apple Watch.

BuzzFeed News also reported that over a final 3 months, Apple has stolen employees from all over a medical field. An instance given by a news opening is Anne Shelchuk, who has a doctorate in biomedical engineering. Shelchuk left a ultrasound program association ZONARE Medical Systems behind in Nov to work with Apple’s health record team, according to her LinkedIn. Along with Shelchuk, Apple has reportedly snapped adult medical operative Craig Slyfield, complement pattern operative Nathan Clark, who has a obvious for a device that separates cells, Jay Mung, who worked on sensor algorithms for Medtronic’s continual glucose monitoring systems and Jennifer Hillier, a former practice physiologist during a University of California.

Apple Watch 2 rumours: Less faith on iPhone

Apple skeleton for a second-gen Apple Watch to have some-more functionality when it’s distant from an iPhone, and has apparently named a plan “tether-less” internally. As it stands, a Apple Watch can usually support activity tracking, song playback and mobile payments yet a interconnected iPhone, with many other facilities including content messaging, emailing and regulating third-party apps unfit yet an iPhone for a Apple Watch to promulgate with. The recover of watchOS 2 brought a ability for third-party apps to run natively on a Watch, yet a apps still need an iPhone to send and accept data.

However, a with a Apple Watch 2, Apple is reportedly looking to make it some-more means when your iPhone isn’t connected, simply by adding a new wireless chipset into a wearable. What disproportion will this make to a Apple Watch experience? While it substantially won’t be means to hoop data-heavy requests (such as program updates), other tasks could be rubbed yet a assistance of an iPhone.

The new wireless chipset should also capacitate a heavily requested “Find my Watch” underline identical to “Find my iPhone” that is pronounced to utilize Wi-Fi router triangulation technology, as against to GPS.

Apple Watch 2 rumours: Battery life

There was good conjecture about a battery life of a Apple Watch on a run adult to a (second) announcement. Apple put this worry to bed, claiming that a Apple Watch has an “all day battery life” yet would still have to be charged any night, most like a iPhone. The emanate with “all day battery life” is that we have to assign it roughly any evening, that isn’t always possible.

Looking during rivals like a Pebble Time Steel, that has a flattering extraordinary battery life of around 10 days, it creates a Apple Watch battery seem a bit disappointing. Yes, a Pebble Time Steel uses a reduction energy inspired display, yet even a five-day Apple Watch battery life would be improved than carrying to assign it any night.

It also opens adult some-more functionality in a Apple Watch, especially with regards to nap tracking. With a longer battery life, users could wear a Apple Watch to bed and get accurate stats about their nap – information that’s flattering popular, judging by a success of apps like Sleep Cycle.

According to a rumour picked adult by gforgames, Apple is operative with LG and Samsung to furnish thinner OLED displays for a second era Apple Watch to accommodate a incomparable battery. The incomparable battery should yield a Apple Watch 2 with a longer battery life, yet a news doesn’t mention usually how prolonged it competence last. The news also claims that a Apple Watch 2 will pierce no genuine changes to a shade size, fortitude or altogether pattern of a watch, with Apple not jumping onto a turn smartwatch arrangement bandwagon anytime soon.

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Apple Mar eventuality live blog: Latest Apple Watch news

Apple Watch 2 poll

Those are a usually rumours we’ve seen so distant about a Apple Watch 2’s features, yet we’ll refurbish this essay when some-more emerge. However, we do have a series of facilities on a Apple Watch 2 wishlist, as listed on a subsequent page.

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