Moto 360 Sport review: Best Android Wear smartwatch for recreational runners

December 28, 2015 - running watch


The 2015 Moto 360 is an glorious Android Wear smartwatch to use with Android and iOS. The Moto 360 Sport is a same watch with a few optimizations for those who wish to use their smartwatch to lane regulating sessions.

Since we am a curtain we was anticipating a Moto 360 Sport would be a smartwatch that we could use to lane my runs with GPS, magnitude my heart rate, and tide song wirelessly to my Bluetooth earbuds. It confident dual of three, yet unsuccessful miserably when it comes to streaming music.


  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz quad-core
  • Display: AnyLight hybrid 1.37 in. (35mm) diameter, 360 x 325 pixels fortitude (flat tire bottom), Gorilla Glass 3
  • Operating system: Android Wear 1.3.0.x
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Water resistance: IP67 mud and H2O resistant rating
  • Storage: 4GB internal
  • Radios: Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, NFC, and 802.11 b/g WiFi
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, gyroscope, visual heart rate, barometer, ambient light, GPS
  • Battery: 300 mAh battery
  • Dimensions: 45 x 11.5 mm and 54 grams

The Moto 360 Sport matches a Moto 360, and many all other new Android Wear devices, with a serve of GPS. The usually other Android Wear device with GPS is a Sony SmartWatch 3, yet that device lacks an integrated heart rate monitor.



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Unlike a customization options of a Moto 360, we need to select from a watch with black, white, or orange rope and that is what we will have for a life of a watch. The rope is not transmutable and there are no customization options with a watch face. we tested a white silicone rope watch with china bezel.

The AnyLight hybrid arrangement is a initial for Android Wear and it worked really well. It is designed to adjust automatically to a spin of healthy light. When we are indoors afterwards a full tone LCD will appear, yet when we are outward regulating in splendid light afterwards a arrangement will change to simulate a healthy light and make it really readable. we even found regulating during night to be a good knowledge as a arrangement was entirely entertaining in a dim yet being so splendid that it messed adult my prophesy while regulating on dim roadways. we was really gratified with a tone and opening of a arrangement and would adore to see this record on some-more regulating watches.

The bezel on this white exam territory has a prosaic apportionment in brushed china with a pointed partial of a bezel carrying a Motorola micro knurl finish. It looks good and adds a bit of character to a front of a watch.

At a 8 o’clock position we will find a china opening in a silicone rope where a microphones can be found. A lifted textured symbol is positioned during 2 o’clock and is easy to find and press. The behind is all black with a soothing matte corner and potion behind with a heart rate sensor positioned in a center.

The rest of a watch around a face and a rope is all silicone material. The white one is a dust, hair, fuzz, and mud magnet and collects anything drifting in a vicinity. we privately would not buy a white one as it usually shows too many of this collection to a exposed eye. The silicone on a rope is thicker than what I’ve seen on other bands, yet it is really ductile and elastic so it is gentle when we have it strapped on. The slots for a grip are pointed so that it stays on your wrist in a really secure position.

The Moto 360 Sport is really focused on regulating and it looks like a competition watch. You might be means to wear a black one in a bureau yet job many courtesy to it, yet a white and orange are too splendid and confidant for a boardroom.

GPS is enclosed and in my contrast over a past dual weeks we compared a opening with a Polar V800 GPS competition watch, a Samsung Gear S2 3G, and a Microsoft Band 2. The Moto 360 Sport matched a V800 closely in many situations and we trust it for running. There does not seem to be any approach to auto-pause with a Moto Body Running app so some of my teenager differences could be in regards to my stops during trade lights that a V800 picked up.

The Moto 360 Sport always showed distant fewer calories burnt that a V800. However, my V800 outmost heart rate tag exhibited some issues, so we cruise a Moto 360 Sport was some-more accurate for calories. The heart rate of a Moto 360 Sport closely matched that of a Microsoft Band 2 and we was confident with a performance. we am not a runnner who focuses on heart rate levels during my run though, yet there is a arrangement in a app focused on heart rate zones and opening that we will plead in a program section.

The battery will get we by during slightest one full day in smartwatch mode, yet drops significantly when running. With song and GPS active during my 45 notation runs we saw a battery dump 38 to 42 percent. Thus, a Moto 360 Sport would get me by a half marathon, yet not a full marathon. It’s a good device for a recreational runner, yet if we run during night after work like we do afterwards we will have to chuck it on a horse as shortly as we get home and get it charged adult before we run.

Just like other Moto 360 devices, a wireless charging wharf is enclosed in a package. Connect your microUSB wire and assign it during night.

I suffer listening to song when we run many of a time as it has proven to boost my gait due to a daze from a pain and kick of a music. The Sony SmartWatch 3 set a bar for Android Wear song support and we was anticipating a Moto 360 Sport would review it. Music is managed from your phone in Google Play Music. Way down a list of settings is an choice for handling your song on Android Wear. Music on Android Wear appears to be a low priority for Google as a government of playlists and song is really limited.

You sync song to a Moto 360 Sport around a Bluetooth tie with a Moto 360 Sport on a charger, so concede yourself copiousness of time to bucket adult song before we go running. After loading adult music, we connected my BlueAnt Pump HD Sportsbuds and launched Google Play Music on a watch. The song usually played clearly and consistently when we hold a Moto 360 Sport about a feet from a earbuds yet any partial of my physique restraint a signal. When we ran a song cut out any time my arm swung and it gathering me positively crazy. This happened on all of my exam runs with a Moto 360 Sport trustworthy to both my right and left wrists.

By comparision, a Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S2 3G play behind a same song with a same earbuds exquisitely no matter where we mountain a watches. It seems to me a Bluetooth radio is diseased or not tuned scrupulously to offer a good song experience. It’s so terrible that we would never suggest a Moto 360 Sport if we are a chairman who wants their smartwatch to play song while we workout.







The Moto 360 Sport is an Android Wear device so all we design in Android Wear is benefaction here as well. One thing that bothers me with Android Wear is a approach a list of apps is presented on a watch. Standalone and messenger apps seem a same in a list so it can lead to some confusion. For example, Strava appears in a list so we was vehement to go out to run yet a phone regulating Strava. It turns out Strava is usually a messenger app that does zero yet a connected phone. we would adore to see Google embody some kind of tiny idol or dual apart lists for those apps that work yet a phone and those that work with a phone connection.

In serve to a customary Android Wear apps, Motorola includes a special default Moto Body watch face, Moto Body app, and Moto Body Running app on a Moto 360 Sport. The watch face reminds me of a Simon diversion with 4 quadrants and opposite colors arrangement a step counter, seconds of a time, calories burned, and daily heart rate activity progress. Tapping on a line around a bezel in any tract launches a opposite utility.

Tapping a step opposite takes we to dual displays arrangement stream stairs and your idea on one shade and your step swell over a past week. Tapping a seconds line opens adult a stopwatch app. Similar to a dual screens for steps, drumming a calorie swell line shows we daily and weekly calories burnt standing reports. Tapping a heart rate progress, set to 30 mins per day by default, shows we dual options for your heart rate; Moto Body heart activity and Moto Body heart rate. You can perspective your story or indeed have your heart rate totalled manually.

The Moto Body app on a watch is a really simple app that shows we your heart activity, steps, calories burned, regulating activities, final examination heart rate, and research in list form. Tapping any takes we to a same screens described above. The research requires that we wear a watch for 14 days before your averages will be shown. These can afterwards be used to adjust your goals and urge your results.

Back on a Moto Body watchface we will also find a word Start subsequent a time. Tapping on Start launches a Moto Body Running application. Here we afterwards select to run indoors or outdoors, followed by options for discerning start, timed run, stretch run, or calorie bake idea run. If we chose outside and afterwards one of these options we will see a watch hunt for a GPS satellite. In my practice it took between one to dual mins for a watch to obtain a GPS signal. If we select indoors, afterwards a GPS hunt step is skipped.

There are 4 displays that seem in Moto Body Running as we run. Each is accessed by swiping right or left during your run. The left many arrangement has dual buttons for finish and pause/resume. The subsequent display, indeed a default that appears when we lift your wrist while running, shows we a stretch ran during a top, your elapsed time in a bottom left, and your stream gait in a bottom right. The subsequent arrangement to a right shows we your stream heart rate and that territory (1 by 5) we are now in, along with how prolonged we have been in that zone. The final arrangement shows your path time.

The accessible information on a watch in Moto Body Running are useful and a distance, elapsed time, and stream gait are pivotal indicators we use when we run. However, we also like to perspective my normal pace. There are no options to customize a displays in Moto Body Running. You can also use apps like RunKeeper and Ghost Racer if we wish to lane and perspective other run information yet so there are options for runners.

In serve to these apps on a Moto 360 Sport itself, there is a Moto Body focus accessible for your phone. This app provides many some-more fact than a watch app and is also where we will find all of your run information synced from a watch. The Moto Body app has a left menu that lets we burst to a dashboard, heart activity, steps, calories burned, running, and settings areas.

The dashboard shows we heart activity, steps, and calories burnt for any day with a colored time line. Swiping from right to left afterwards shows your weekly swell for any of these metrics with colored circles.

If we ran on a day we are viewing, afterwards this run information will seem in a outline subsequent a daily swell bars. The outline shows a time of day of your run, generation of your run, distance, and normal pace. Tap on a run and a arrangement with all of a sum appears. This shade shows your GPS tract in Google Maps, charts of your pace, heart rate, and calories, notation stats and records, heart rate territory details, splits, and more. It is indeed an glorious app and we found lots of value in a accessible information on my phone.

One illusory aspect of a Moto Body Running app is that we can share a information prisoner by your watch with Fitbit, Strava, MapMyFitness, Under Armor Record, and Google Fit. we recently changed to Strava for all my run information and adore that we can use a Moto 360 Sport and afterwards have a information in a Moto Body app also synced automatically to a Strava website. Sharing of information like this is pivotal and a sealed inlet of aptness information on a Apple Watch and Gear S2 3G is what keeps me looking for a ideal aptness smartwatch.

Pricing and competition

The Moto 360 Sport is labelled during $299. This is a bit reduce than some other Android Wear inclination and identical to other GPS competition watches. The Moto 360 Sport usually captures regulating data, while many other competing GPS competition watches constraint bike rides, hikes, and other aptness activities. You can implement other Android Wear apps to constraint other activities, yet a Moto Body app is now singular to running.

The lowest labelled Apple Watch is a Sport book during $349 (38mm) and $399 (42mm), yet it does not embody GPS. The Fitbit Surge is labelled during $249 and has GPS and an integrated heart rate monitor, yet a GPS can be a bit false during times. The Garmin Vivoactive doesn’t have an integrated heart rate monitor, yet covers many sports and has an accurate GPS with a cost of $249.

Questions and answers

I listed several things we wanted to check out in fact in my first impressions article and readers had questions to supplement to my examination plan. Here are my commentary after serve contrast with a Moto 360 Sport.

  • Running displays: Covered in fact in a program section.
  • Running opening with music: Absolutely terrible for personification behind song to a arguable Bluetooth headset. GPS tracking was great, yet skip a music.
  • Using other regulating apps: we used RunKeeper and Ghost Racer and they both achieved good with a Moto 360 Sport.
  • Other Moto Body stats: Covered in fact in a program section.
  • Ability to trade data: Moto Body is illusory for this and one reason we find it a best app to use for regulating with a Moto 360 Sport.
  • Performance as an Android Wear smartwatch: As good as any other Android Wear device with a arrangement that is simply ocular in all lighting conditions.
  • Will it final for 5 hours with GPS, HR, and music? Nope, we will get usually over dual hours with all of this on. You might spin off song yet given playback is terrible.
  • Is heart rate sensor consistent? It seemed to be, formed on a information we noticed from my runs. we don’t lane and watch each minute, yet a HR tracking seemed to review my other devices.
  • How is it for indoor gym workouts? The Moto 360 Sport is focused on indoor and outside regulating only. You will need to find other Android Wear apps for other activities. It should be called a Moto 360 Run and not a Sport.
  • How is it for a bike ride? There is no choice for cycling. we don’t cycle much, yet maybe there is an Android Wear app for cycling that might work. Strava doesn’t work as a standalone app so that doesn’t help.
  • How does it review to Gear S2 integrate to Note 5? Android Wear still offers some-more pull notifications with Google Now and some-more apps than a Gear S2. The 3G aspects, GPS, and flawless song playback make a Gear S2 3G some-more constrained than a Moto 360 Sport for my use needs.

Contributor’s rating and wrap-up

The Moto 360 Sport is a plain Android Wear device for recreational runners who don’t listen to song when they run and we endowment it an 8.0 rating.

If it played song as exquisitely as a Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S2 3G, or Sony SmartWatch 3 afterwards we would cruise shopping one as my regulating watch. However, if we don’t caring about your heart rate and wish an Android Wear device to run with and suffer song afterwards a comparison Sony SmartWatch 3 is a watch to buy.

You can use a Google Fit Challenge app to do some-more than run and we found a Moto 360 Sport tracked these activities sincerely well. There are also other apps for Android Wear for other activities so we can make a 360 Sport even some-more able for your aptness needs.

If we don’t run or caring about tracking your run with a smartwatch, afterwards there is no reason to buy a Moto 360 Sport instead of a customary Moto 360 or other smartwatch. This watch is essentially for recreational runners who run for dual hours or less. The Samsung Gear S2 3G is a improved device for me personally, yet it also needs improved regulating apps with shareable information like a Moto 360 Sport.

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