Moto 360 Sport review

December 23, 2015 - running watch

If we have an iPhone, we can still span a phone to a watch,  receive notifications from your smartphone, and use a built-in Moto Body Running app on a watch. And you’ll still see your daily activity information on a sport-specific watch face. But a usually way, currently, to see your examination information is to perspective it on a watch itself, with no options for pity a information to iOS apps.

Let’s assume we have an Android smartphone. In general, Moto’s possess apps offer a many optimal / slightest difficult knowledge with this watch. There’s a Moto Body app (also accessible on a non-sport smartwatch) that shows we a image of your steps, calorie expenditure, heart rate, and more. The messenger Moto Body app on Android gives a surprisingly granular perspective of your data, and with multi-colored check outlines signaling either you’ve met your goals in several categories.

Running watch, 
not a competition watch

The Moto Body Running app is specific to a competition watch, and it’s unequivocally a categorical event. It’s what starts when we strike a by-pass “Start” symbol on a watch face, and it’s what shows we your sum examination time, pace, path time, heart rate, and heart rate section during runs, all with a few easy swipes opposite a contemplative display.

There are some options to run micro versions of third-party apps on a watch, like Strava, though they’re generally flattering singular on smartwatches, behaving as small some-more than remote controls for interlude and starting activities. And by a Moto Body app on Android, we can opt to share information to Google Fit, Strava, UA Record, and Fitbit.

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