Is New Balance’s RunIQ aptness smartwatch a opposition to Apple Watch Series 2?

February 20, 2017 - running watch

New Balance is looking to win a aptness smartwatch marathon with a recently introduced Android Wear-based RunIQ. But how does it review to Apple Watch Series 2, that is also aptness focused and shares some core facilities such as built-in GPS and heart-rate monitoring? we wore both for some-more than a week to find out.

Cost: RunIQ beats Apple Watch

RunIQ is $300, while a slightest costly Apple Watch Series 2 is $369.

Comfort: Apple Watch

RunIQ has a identical seperated rope allied to Apple Watch Nike+ (also $369 and up), a Nike-branded chronicle of Apple’s Series 2 smartwatch. Both bands are gentle to wear. But RunIQ feels heavier and bulkier on a wrist.

Screen: Apple Watch

No wearable I’ve tested — and I’ve tested utterly a few — has a improved shade than Apple Watch Series 2. It’s splendid and easy-to-read in any circumstance, including outward on a day with splendid sunshine.