Is Microsoft Band 2 a step counter, using watch or smartwatch?

December 23, 2015 - running watch

A well-developed prophesy in vulcanite rubber and Gorilla Glass, a Microsoft Band 2 is all a wearables we need in one high-tech package. Its modernized sensors are good for daily lifestyle tracking, counting your stairs and calories burned, as good as logging your light and low nap – a moving alarm can be set to kindly arise we when you’re in light sleep, that unequivocally helps to kickstart your day.

However, a Band 2 is distant some-more than only a lifestyle tracker.

With built in GPS and accurate, light-based heart rate tracking, Microsoft’s wearable is also a using watch, a cycling mechanism and a gym companion. It gives at-a-glance info on your speed, stretch and stream beat rate zone, so we can sight harder and some-more effectively.

At a gym, a genuine ace in a container is Guided Workouts. Ideal for high-intensity interlude training and interlude training of any kind, these are put together by a health experts Nuffield and time your examination to a second, buzzing and notifying we when it’s time to pierce on to your subsequent set of reps, or take a breather.

Out on a streets, a GPS and beat tracking meant we can leave your phone behind while we run or cycle, with calorie bake info served adult interjection to a cardio tracking and stretch granted by a GPS. The all-new barometer means there’s also accurate tracking of altitude, so if we run adult a hill, your Band 2 knows. There’s also full formation with a likes of Strava and Runtastic.

Fairway fanatics, meanwhile, will adore a Microsoft Band 2’s golf tracking, in organisation with TaylorMade. This gives we info on stretch to a pin on thousands of courses, as good as giving bio feedback on your pitch with a Band 2’s arsenal of transformation sensors. A UV sensor will advise we if you’re being unprotected to too most object as we toil your approach around a course, too.

As good as all a health and aptness stuff, a Band 2 also offers customisable notifications from your Android, iOS and Windows smartphone, with voice control of Cortana on a latter.

Modern looking, gentle and with a two-day battery life that can be surfaced adult to 80 per cent of ability in only half an hour, or to full assign in 90 minutes, a Microsoft Band 2 is a wearable we won’t wish to take off.

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