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May 27, 2017 - running watch


I’ve finished some foolish things in a past when it comes to running, though this one takes a biscuit.

After a highs and horrors of a London Marathon, we was cracked both mentally and physically. I’d lerned so hard, sacrificed so much, and I’d managed to make myself slower.

I mean, it was a flattering good feat when we cruise about it. To renovate my diet, strength and sleep, demonstrably urge all of them and still conduct to get slower. 

Here’s my theory: speed lives in Hobnob biscuits, (a tasty wheat-based cookie for a American pals), that we used to eat all a time. When we stopped eating them, we got slower.

(Well, it could have been that we was overdoing it in a gym or not training right… though let’s go with a biscuit theory).

Then something bad happened. A week ago someone offering me a place in a Liverpool Rock’n’Roll Marathon (in a northern city in a UK) for this Sunday… and we got tempted.

Maybe this is my possibility of redemption? A possibility to right a wrongs of London, a possibility to put my nemesis Past Gareth (PG) to a sword and finally explain my Good For Age place in a London Marathon subsequent year?

Nah, that was stupid. It’s usually been 4 weeks given a final one, my physique is tired, I’ve eaten 0 though cake and burgers, not slept, and many importantly: not run some-more than 8 miles.

I did a bad thing

So… I’m going to be doing a Liverpool marathon on Sunday. 

I know it creates 0 sense, though that’s what’s so good about it. This is a freebie. There’s no training bid to have wasted, no weeks of formulation my pacing plan or panicking about what to eat / wear / listen t to make certain we get a optimal wrong.

In essence, this is credentials to see how wrong things can go if we unequivocally don’t prepared or go in with any kind of ideas.

And here’s a large one: I’m not going to run with a watch. I’m going to run it totally by feel, vouchsafing a competition reveal in front of me, and see where that gets me.

OK, that’s already a lie. I’m sorry. we am going to run with a watch, though not to demeanour at. The reasons are threefold:

  1. I’m dependant to data. we can hoop not looking during path splits, gait and heart rate during a race, though we can’t not have that information to review to after.
  2. When we get to 20 miles, we wish to see how tighten we am to PG. we know that some benchmark there will give me a appetite to keep going if I’m close.
  3. I competence wear an Apple Watch 2 on a other wrist (but can’t lane from that, as a information isn’t simply negotiable to Strava from a many accurate Workouts app) so we wish to change things out.

In terms of a watch I’ll be using, it’ll be a Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR (I know, these product names only write themselves sometimes, right?). It’s a superb watch with one of a best wrist-based heart rate monitors I’ve ever seen, nonetheless it’s really corpulent and overly expensive.

Annoyingly, we can’t use a Garmin Forerunner 935 that I’m now reviewing, as I’ve managed to displace a charging wire (and again Garmin has altered a charging pier so we can’t use my aged lead… it’s so irritating).

It’s irritating as this Forerunner 935 is a shining watch, with unusual battery life we was looking brazen to contrast out during a marathon. I’ve not charged it for 9 days now, and it’s still on 12%.

In fact, there’s a tiny partial of me that wonders if we can get to Sunday with some-more than 10% battery life remaining that I’ll be means to a whole marathon with it. But that seems a flattering large risk.

So, I’ve got my Suunto ready, and I’m going into this competition totally half-cocked. Apart from a basis (eating all a pasta for a days preceding) I’ll have finished flattering many 0 right.

I sealed adult in time to start tapering down (the duration where we rest your legs for a week or so before a large race). we set my second-fastest time ever in a 10K competition 3 days before a marathon.

I’ve eaten badly, dipsomaniac loads of bad drinks, not slept good and haven’t given a suspicion to competition day.

 Run until I’m sick

Here’s my plan: put on some regulating clothes, tag on a Suunto, spin off a arrangement and only go. we competence have music, we competence not, depending on how we feel on a day.

I’m going to run too quick during a start. I’m going to cruise each mile either I’m going to keep going, or delayed down, or travel / run, or only go home.

It feels impossibly pardon to be going into this competition with no thought what to do – and we know it’s going to be a preference we massively bewail 5 miles in, when my miss of training and carb-loading and credentials will see my tears on a side of a race.

But I’ve spent too prolonged in my conduct with a regulating – and if there’s ever a time to screw it all up, well, it’s now… so wish me luck.

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