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January 15, 2017 - running watch

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With a 2017 NFL Draft usually a few months away, it’s time to take a position-by-position demeanour during a arriving breeze class. Today, we’ll start with arguably a Green Bay Packers biggest need on offense – using back.

Grading Philosophy

Rankings are theme to change formed on actor examination numbers and damage updates this spring, though for these early rankings, we go only off of a film grade.

When evaluating players, we use a 12-trait complement with certain traits weighted some-more than others depending on a position. The scoring adds adult to 100 probable points. we also watch a smallest of 4 games per-player before assigning a actor grade.

Position Overview

This is clearly one of a deepest positions in a draft, and it’s a organisation I’ve unequivocally enjoyed evaluating on film.

Even with gifted backs like Nick Chubb and Royce Freeman returning to school, there’s still copiousness of impact players during a position.

Leonard Fournette and Dalvin Cook are a definite tip backs and they’re a turn above everybody else. Neither behind will make it out of a initial round.

The subsequent tier is done adult of Christian McCaffrey, D’Onta Foreman, and Jamaal Williams. However, any actor comes with their satisfactory share of doubt marks. Foreman is a bruising downhill curtain with good burst, though his diversion is still not complete.

McCaffrey is a energetic contestant whose flexibility will reason a lot of weight in certain breeze rooms. However, does he have a distance to take a violence 20 carries a diversion for a generation of an whole NFL season?

Williams continues to get really small media buzz, though his film is zero brief of impressive. He’s an explosive, punishing curtain with big-play potential. However, he has dealt with several poignant injuries in college.

As distant as a rest of a class, Wayne Gallman, Kareem Hunt, and Jeremy McNichols are plain options in rounds 3-4 for teams in a draft. Just from an analysis standpoint, they’re film is fun to watch.

Joe Mixon perceived a third-highest film analysis category from me, only behind Fournette and Cook. However, a former Oklahoma tailback could go undrafted this open since of domestic abuse occurrence in 2014 where he struck a lady unconscious. The video of a occurrence is good circulated and this alone will force several teams to take Mixon off their breeze board.

A lot of hum is building for Tennessee behind Alvin Kamara. I need to watch some-more of his film before we feel assured in putting him in my tip 10. Based on a handful of games I’ve seen, it’s transparent he’s a energetic runner, though his unsuitable prolongation and impact in games gives me pause.

Most Underrated RB: Wayne Gallman

Most Difficult RB to Project: Joe Mixon

RB that needs Further Evaluation: Alvin Kamara

So, but serve ado, let’s take a demeanour during a specific breakdowns on any of a tip 10 using backs who will be accessible in this year’s NFL Draft …

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