Haier Watch initial look: A neat smartwatch using full, fat Android

February 25, 2016 - running watch

When a association that specialises in creation TVs and soaking machines decides to make a smartwatch, it’s unfit not to consider a worst. The Haier Watch though, can unequivocally be deliberate one of a smartwatch surprises of MWC.

The Huawei Watch lookalike is stylish, will run on full Android Marshmallow when it launches in Apr for €200, and did we also discuss it indeed looks unequivocally nice?

Haier also creates smartwatches for kids and a elderly, yet it’s a grown adult indication that unequivocally strikes a chord here. There’s a gorgeous, H2O resistant immaculate steel 42mm surrounding and a lead rope that has a really Apple Watch Milanese loop demeanour and feel to it.

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There’s leather and filigree straps accessible as alternatives, yet a steel rope is positively a some-more eye-catching of a options. It’s not too complicated to wear and while it feels like a really male-focused watch, it’s not too massive either.

Things get improved when we notice that a 1.4-inch touchscreen arrangement is exactly, entirely round. There’s no nauseous black tyre during a bottom of a screen. Take that Moto 360 2. The 400 x 400 fortitude shade is rich, colourful and super sharp, putting it adult there with some of a best smartwatch screens I’ve seen. It’s sharp and manageable as well.

The usually other thing violation adult a minimalist demeanour is a singular symbol where you’d find a climax on a normal watch, yet that’s only used to spin a shade on and off.

The large articulate indicate here is that it runs full Android and not Android Wear. That means we can download apps from a Google Play Store, yet but an internet tie or a interconnected phone, we didn’t have a event to see how good a Android formation worked.

Visually, it doesn’t demeanour like Android yet interjection to Haier’s preference to put a possess tradition user interface on tip of Google’s OS. Navigating does feel really identical to Android Wear. Swiping left reveals a handful of watch faces, dire on a shade takes we into a app menus. It’s all a things you’d design to see like sections for messages, calls, calendar and app notifications.

There’s a flattering sharp looking song actor that means we can use a built in orator to listen from your wrist with 8GB of storage to container some song on. That orator does also meant we can make and take calls too.

Haier is also including what it’s job an intelligent health platform. So you’ll be means to count your steps, calorie bake and a Watch will automatically practice activities. You can also take heart rate readings from a visual heart rate sensor packaged into a behind of a watch case. The 80+ bpm (beats per minute) readings we available seemed excessively high though.

For €200, you’re removing a lot for your income here with a Haier Watch. It looks a partial and ticks many of a smartwatch underline boxes. The miss of Wi-Fi support to use it when it’s not connected to a phone is a unsatisfactory omission. Getting a best out of Android Marshmallow is going to be a engaging thing here.

This wasn’t a finished model, and it was utterly apparent to see that there’s some doubt outlines about how good it’s going to run Android apps and confederate a best facilities of Google’s OS. One’s thing for sure, I’m unequivocally intrigued to spend some some-more time with it to find out.

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