Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS using watch review

December 9, 2016 - running watch

Each time Garmin introduces a new aptness smartwatch it gets some-more right, generally with GPS regulating watches. The Forerunner 35 is no exception. Garmin’s Forerunner line now includes 6 opposite watches from a entrance turn 25 to a track-everything 735XT multisport watch. The 35 is a newest member of Garmin’s Forerunner family and it is a many attractive, affordable heart rate monitoring GPS regulating watch a association has ever made.

Features and design

The Garmin Forerunner 35 is a smart-alecky tiny Chiclet of a watch not many opposite in stretch and figure from a tiny Apple Watch. Its round-cornered, rectilinear face measures 1.5 x 1.6 inches and it is half an in. thick. The arrangement is a monochrome LCD with a fortitude of 128 x 128. The categorical shade shows a battery assign level, Bluetooth tie notification, a time, and a day and date. Below a date is a Garmin pierce bar that displays how prolonged it’s been given we final moved. The FR35 is light, weighing usually 1.3 ounces (silicone rope included). The band, that is replaceable, comes in 4 conform colors: black, limelight, ice blue, and white.

Inside a water-resistant box (good to 5 ATMs) Garmin has enclosed an accelerometer for counting stairs and automatically observant activities, a GPS section for accurate distance, speed, and lane tracking, and a built-in visual heart rate guard for tracking opening and measuring a some-more accurate calorie burn. With this tech a FR35 can lane indoor and outside running, walking, cycling, and cardio workouts. The watch also annals heart rate 24 hours a day. Because a Forerunner 35 is ANT+ concordant it can be interconnected with discretionary heart rate straps and speed/cadence cycling sensors. When interconnected with a concordant smartphone, a Forerunner 35 delivers full intelligent notifications including texts, emails, and any other alerts a phone is set to deliver. The watch is not, however, concordant with Garmin’s Connect IQ app sourroundings that means there is no customizing a watch faces or adding opposite tracking apps to a mix.

garmin foregoer  gps examination watch

garmin foregoer  gps examination watch

Runners can set adult training superintendence alerts formed on heart rates, paces, or speeds targets and a FR35 will quiver and/or sound a tinge to let a wearer know they’re removing out of range. With elementary on-the-watch programmable settings, a watch can be set for distance- or time-based interlude training, including customized warm-up and cold downs.

Interacting with a Forerunner 35 is finished by 4 buttons, dual on any side of a watch’s case. The buttons are recessed into a box gripping them from adhering out too far. The symbol during a tip left operates a backlight, a reduce left functions as a behind symbol or, with a prolonged press, a menu button. On a right side, a tip symbol starts and stops activities and is used for selecting equipment in a menu. The reduce right symbol is a corkscrew symbol for a menus, information screens, and texts or smartphone notifications. A prolonged press brings adult a song controls of a connected smartphone.

What’s in a box

The Forerunner 35 what we tested arrived with a watch and ice blue band, a USB charging clip/cable, and a quickstart guide.

Performance and use

One of a good things about a Forerunner 35 is that it is probable to get a watch regulating though joining it to a mechanism or pairing it with a smartphone. Pressing a tip left side symbol turns a watch on and a prolonged press on a reduce left symbol brings adult a menu that allows entrance to a settings. From there personal info like height, weight, age, gender, and max heart rate can be entered and a time can be manually set.

The Forerunner 35 was so light it was like putting on zero during all.

While environment a watch adult regulating usually buttons is possible, a smoothest approach to get started is by downloading a giveaway Garmin Connect smartphone app and formulating an account. Once a app is running, pairing a new Forerunner 35 device requires clicking a “more” symbol during a bottom right of a shade afterwards scrolling down and selecting “Garmin Devices,” afterwards drumming a blue bar nearby a bottom of a shade where “Add Device” is displayed. On a subsequent shade a app displays a list of all Garmin devices. Click on a Forerunner 35 and afterwards follow a directions. Thankfully, all Garmin intelligent inclination use a same giveaway Connect smartphone app so those who already have an comment will find it elementary to set-up a watch.

When we initial slipped a Forerunner 35 on it was so light it was like putting on zero during all. After weeks of contrast big, burly, do-it-all GPS watches it was a pleasing warn to tag on a watch that didn’t drag a wrist down. The lightweight comfort of a watch finished us feel like we’d been liberated from a restraints of wearing a watch during all. And regulating with it was equally liberating.

Running with a Forerunner

To start a run we clicked a tip right button, afterwards used a down corkscrew symbol to select “run outdoor.” Press a tip right symbol again and a Forerunner 35 starts acid for a GPS satellites. After 10-15 seconds it was prepared to lane and we pulpy a tip right symbol again to start a activity. The outside regulating tracker comes batch with dual opposite information screens, one includes distance, time, pace, and a other displays heart rate zone, heart rate, and calories burned. These information fields can be simply edited and switched around on a watch or by regulating a Garmin Connect app (iOS | Android). If dual information shade aren’t enough, dual some-more can be combined to a Forerunner 35 for a sum of 4 screens per activity. The watch alerts a path any mile and shows a path time. When a run was finished we pulpy a tip right symbol again, afterwards used a reduce right to corkscrew to save a run, and afterwards pulpy a tip right symbol a final time to save a run.

Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS Compared To

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Operating a watch is really straightforward. The usually difficulty we had with a information fields was while we were tracking a walk. The travel information fields were set to uncover distance, timer, and normal speed, however, any time we tracked a travel a timer showed a time of a stream path rather than sum activity time. We attempted several times to switch this up, though zero we attempted worked. Another emanate we had was that there is no approach to insert “time of day” as one of a information fields. When we were in an activity, a usually approach to check a time was to use a down corkscrew symbol and click it 3 or 4 times by a other information fields to get behind to a categorical display. It was not a large problem, though it would be nicer to have a options of time as a information field.

While scrolling by a information fields we also satisfied a downside of carrying usually one corkscrew button. Without an adult corkscrew we mostly clicked right past a object we were perplexing to get to and had to go all a approach by a menu screens again. Again, not a outrageous problem, though we did spasmodic find it a bit annoying.

The FR35’s find my phone duty works great.

The song control functions on a Forerunner 35 were a dream. We’ve used this duty on many watches that we’ve tested, though with a 4 symbol blueprint and no hold shade to disaster with, this was a initial time that we’ve had a watch that finished determining a phone with a watch easier than removing a phone out. The song controls come adult with a prolonged press on a reduce right symbol and afterwards that symbol since a play/pause symbol with a tip left and right buttons operative and brazen and behind in a playlist. Done and done.

Finally, there is a find my phone function. We’ve always suspicion it a bit of a parlor pretence until we indispensable to find a phone. We hurl many of a time with a phone ringer off (and trust a Garmin watch to quiver when we get calls). When we displace a phone we can’t usually call it. The FR35’s find my phone duty works great. Hold a symbol down and a phone will start screaming out from where ever it has been dark creation it many easier to find.

garmin foregoer  gps examination connect

garmin foregoer  gps examination connect

garmin foregoer  gps examination connect

garmin foregoer  gps examination connect

garmin foregoer  gps examination connect

While a FR35 does a good pursuit tracking running, walking, and cycling (and determining music), it is good to remember (and trust us we kept forgetting) that a watch does not lane swimming. We wanted it to lane swimming so much. It’s not satisfactory to pattern some-more out of a watch than what a manufacturer provides, though we favourite a size, design, and format of a watch so many that we wished Garmin had squeezed usually a tiny some-more tech in there, since if a Forerunner 35 could lane swimming (and maybe snowboarding and stand-up paddling) it would be a bland watch.

Our Take

The Forerunner 35 is a great, light, attractive, H2O resistant smartwatch that looks as good as it functions. We favourite a intelligent notifications on this watch so many that we’d advise a Forerunner 35 to anyone looking for a smartwatch regardless of their seductiveness in fitness.

Is there a improved alternative?

For pristine runners a Forerunner 35 is nearby perfect. The watch is light, stylish, and feels good on a wrist while charity all a run tracking, interlude training, and heart rate monitoring that any curtain would need. The fact that it also marks cycling and can bond to ANT+ intonation sensors and heart rate monitoring chest straps make it a good watch for cyclists as well. And, a approach it handles intelligent notifications creates it a tough watch to take off.

How prolonged will it last?

Over a past few years Garmin has been committed about upgrading a program on their GPS watches any and any time they have a fix. There is no reason to trust a same won’t occur with a Forerunner 35. The fact that it is a new figure and pattern suggests that it will stay in a line for a while and be upgraded often. It competence even get some new functionality in a nearby future.

Should we buy it?

Yes.. For critical runners and cyclists a Forerunner 35 is a many capable, compress GPS watch we’ve reviewed and anyone looking for an affordable approach to get their rides and runs into Strava should be some-more than gratified with it. Sadly, a swimmers are out of luck. While a Forerunner 35 does ideally excellent in a H2O for revelation a time, it won’t lane possibly pool or open H2O swimming. The usually Forerunner that can lane that is a tip of a line 735XT and it costs some-more than twice as much.

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