Garmin Forerunner 35 initial look: A feature-packed using watch on a budget

September 10, 2016 - running watch

With a Forerunner 630 portion adult modernized regulating metrics during a tip finish of a Garmin GPS regulating watch family, a Forerunner 35 (natural inheritor to a Forerunner 25), sits resolutely during a bottom.

But there’s adequate on house to keep even a many critical runners satisfied. Along with built-in GPS, there’s Garmin’s Elevate visual heart rate guard for 24/7 tracking and measuring a power of your workouts. You’ll get intelligent presentation support as good and all day activity and nap tracking.

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Where we do have to make compromises is on a simple regulating information it annals (pace, stretch and time), miss of Connect IQ support and some blank competition modes that’s wrapped adult in a not so flattering design.

It looks a lot like final year’s Vivoactive with a likewise block bezel winning a conflict for space with a 0.93-inch 128 x 128 screen. It’s not quite high res, and is a breakwater for fingerprint smudges so you’ll need to frequently give it a clean down.

Surrounding a arrangement are a set of 4 earthy buttons, and a many engaging further here is a inclusion of a dedicated song control button. Unsurprisingly, there’s no storage to tide song from a watch, yet we can control song playback from your phone.

As distant as a straps are concerned, you’ve got your collect of black, green, blue and white options. They’re all done from a same silicon rubber we’ve seen stand adult on Garmin watches so should be light and gentle adequate to wear all day or during a eager workout.

If we wish to take it for a dip, a 5ATM H2O insurgency rating means we can go swimming with it adult to 50 metres depth. Unfortunately, we don’t get a float tracking mode enclosed on a Vivoactive HR or some-more costly Garmin watches.

Speaking of competition profiles, it will of march lane regulating as good as indoor regulating (using a on house accelerometer), cycling when interconnected with additional sensors, cardio and walking. All of that information feeds into a Garmin Connect messenger smartphone app yet as we’ve already mentioned, you’ll have to live but a Connect IQ support to supplement additional information fields, watch faces or apps. That’s not going to be a understanding breaker for many though.

Another reason to be tender with a Forerunner 35 is battery life. In aptness tracking mode, it’s an considerable 9 days, that is a clever display while 13 hours of tracked regulating is a immeasurable alleviation on what a Forerunner 25 can offer.

Early verdict

If we possess a Forerunner 25, there’s a lot of reasons here that competence remonstrate we to make a ascent to a Forerunner 35. You’ve now got a heart rate monitoring, softened battery life, smartwatch-style facilities and it also doubles as a aptness tracker. At £169.99 though, it’s an entrance turn regulating watch that’s crept adult in cost and costs a same as a Vivosmart HR+ aptness tracker, that offers many of a same facilities in a most sleeker design. If a simple regulating watch with no frills is something you’re looking for, there’s each possibility a Forerunner 35 will appeal.

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