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December 30, 2015 - running watch

There are dozens of using watches on a market, all of that are competing for a courtesy of critical runners and hobby runners everywhere. The cost operation for using watches is utterly vast.

There are sincerely inexpensive models that are, for all intents and purposes, not many opposite from a best aptness trackers. Then, there are some intensely pricey models (retailing for £400 or more) that lane all from stretch to recovery, giving we all of your critical information and assisting we sight for longer races.

And then, there are a mid-range models, that will substantially interest to a infancy of runners charity a best value during a assuage price.

Aiming For a Best Value

Mid-range using watches are directed during runners who are critical about their aptness yet don’t try into obsessive, borderline-professional territory. Maybe these runners are gearing adult to do a marathon, for example, yet they positively don’t do a marathon once a month.

Two of a many renouned of these inclination are a Garmin Forerunner 15 and a TomTom Runner. They’re both in a center of a using watch spectrum, and they’re both finished by highly-regarded manufacturers of maritime products.

Which one is a best?

Let’s review them, indicate by point, and see if we can come adult with a winner.

Onboard GPS

garmin foregoer 15 blackAs we competence design from using watches finished by companies that concentration on navigation, both a Garmin Forerunner 15 and a TomTom Runner have an onboard GPS sensor.

This immediately creates them some-more useful than budget aptness trackers, as they offer some-more finish stretch and training information for outside runs. In particular, TomTom uses a company’s exclusive QuickGPSFix technology, that pinpoints your plcae fast and accurately for a many accurate stretch tracking

However, we need to sync it frequently for accuracy, that some users might find annoying.

tomtom curtain croppedNot all runners do their training outdoors; using on a treadmill is positively accessible in severe weather. Both watches have solutions for including those workouts on your watch’s record yet carrying to go by a difficulty of manually entering them.

With a TomTom Runner, we simply change a activity to an indoor run, and a watch primarily estimates your stretch formed on arm swings. Calibrating by entering your tangible stretch helps a watch to learn how we run so it can lane destiny indoor activity some-more accurately.

The Garmin Forerunner 15 also has a approach to lane indoor runs, yet you’ll need an accessory: a feet pod that slips over your shoelaces to magnitude your stretch and also your cadence.

It’s totally accurate yet requiring calibration, yet it’s also not free. This small additional retails for £59, yet we can customarily find it for around £40.

Heart Rate

One underline that both of these mid-range using watches miss is a built in heart rate monitor; you’ll need to go for a aloft finish indication to get that. However, both a Garmin Forerunner 15 and a TomTom Runner are concordant with an outmost heart rate guard finished by their particular manufacturer.

Of course, those will cost we extra, yet carrying a information that a heart rate guard provides will concede we to do section training. If that’s critical to you, afterwards you’ll wish to cruise a add-on.

tomtom curtain feature

For a Garmin Forerunner 15, a company’s reward heart rate guard chest tag retails for £49 yet can be found for around £35. Many aptness experts insist that a chest tag provides a many accurate heart rate data, so if section training is a essential partial of your workout, a chest tag might be a must-have.

Both using watches miss a built in heart rate monitor

For a TomTom Runner, we can squeeze a watch with a additional wrist-worn heart rate guard for £40 over a baseline price. For many runners, this is a some-more peaceful approach to lane heart data, yet again, a chest tag typically yields some-more accurate information.

Other Features

tomtom curtain sideThe Garmin Forerunner 15 also doubles as a ubiquitous all-day activity tracker, monitoring sum calories burnt and stairs taken. More than that, though, if you’ve been sedentary for too long, it gives we peaceful reminders that it’s time to move. A brief travel will prove a whinging for a small while. Runners who are also meddlesome in wearing a aptness tracker might conclude this feature.

However, if your idea is to motivate yourself while you’re running, a TomTom Runner has a useful foe feature. This keeps lane of your best stats and encourages we to kick them, assisting we to sight better.

Compatible Apps

As you’d expect, both of these using watches have concordant apps for both iOS and Android. They’re free, and they offer easy, seamless syncing with your device — that’s what they’re built for, after all. Using a analogous app, you’ll have entrance to all of your information in a some-more graphical format. They both keep tabs on distance, route, elevation, calories burned, splits, and more, yet there are a few differences between a two.

The Forerunner 15 uses Garmin Connect, that is also accessible as a web tool. This app has a large amicable component, that allows we to couple adult with friends, share your workouts, leave enlivening comments, and rivet in some accessible competition. It also allows we to see other courses and routes that runners have already done, a good underline if you’re looking for some new scenery. Finally, it has training plans, so if you’re prepping for a certain distance, we can follow a prescribed report to get ready.


Garmin Connect

Similarly, a TomTom Runner uses a TomTom MySports app, that is also accessible as a stand-alone focus on both Mac and Windows. Instead of a large amicable aspect, a MySports app encourages we to contest opposite yourself. You’ll have easy entrance to your best times, distances, and other stats so we can do your best to kick them.

Don’t like a MySports app? No problem — a TomTom Runner is also concordant with RunKeeper, Map My Fitness, and Strava, if you’d cite to use one of those apps instead of a exclusive TomTom one.

User Experience

tomtom curtain pinkBoth watches are sincerely slim, as distant as sports watches go. They’re also lightweight, so there’s no lunatic complicated feeling when you’re moving. But in a difficulty of many advanced-looking interface, a TomTom Runner’s crisp, high fortitude arrangement wins, hands down.

It’s usually easier to read, and it offers elementary yet useful on shade graphics to assistance we see your swell and achievements. It’s also blemish resistant, and a one-button controls are elementary and discerning to use, even when you’re blazing down a trail.

The Garmin Forerunner 15’s arrangement feels some-more utilitarian. It gives we what we need to know, yet it usually doesn’t feel as new. Lots of numerical readouts are available, if you’ll have to go to a app to get anything image-based.

If you’re on a quite severe run and unequivocally pulling yourself, all of those numbers might be tough to interpret in a moment.

Battery Life

If you’ve used any of a GPS-based apps on your smartphone, we know that branch on a GPS sensor is a outrageous battery drain. Therefore, it’s impractical to design a super prolonged battery life from a GPS using watch.

However, a battery on a Garmin Forerunner 15 will final an impressively prolonged time when a device is used as an typical aptness tracker. Sure, a battery usually lasts adult to 8 hours when a GPS is engaged, yet if you’re in non-GPS tracking mode, we can go for adult to 5 whole weeks.tomtom curtain underline 2

With a TomTom Runner, we don’t have a ability to switch off a GPS, and that means you’ll need to recharge really frequently. It can go for adult to 10 hours, yet if you’ve got a heart rate guard synced and tracking, we shouldn’t design many some-more than 8 hours.

Looks and Design

Both a Garmin Forerunner 15 and a TomTom Runner demeanour like what they are: sports watches. While they are comparatively low form for their category, you’ll never mistake possibly one for a smartwatch.

They usually demeanour like what they are. However, since using rigging is not yet a conform choices, both of these inclination come in a few opposite colours.forerunner-15-colours

Garmin, however, wants we to wear a Forerunner 15 all day to lane all of your activity. You can do that, yet usually be wakeful that it will substantially strife with business clothes some-more than, say, a Jawbone or Fitbit.


garmin foregoer redThe good news is that a cost on both of these using watches has forsaken in new months as any association has expelled a newer, some-more expensive, and some-more entirely featured high finish using watch. For Garmin, it’s a Forerunner 620, and for TomTom, it’s a Runner Cardio.

Currently, a Garmin Forerunner 15 retails for £119 (down from £149), and a bottom indication of a TomTom Runner — a one yet a heart rate guard — retails for usually £99 (down from £119).

Really, with a disproportion of usually £20, we can radically call these some-more or reduction equal. However, if you’re looking for a mid-range using watch and don’t wish to dump some-more than £100, a TomTom Runner is a usually one you’ll be means to afford.

Which One is Best?

In a mid-range using watch category, is there a definite leader between a Garmin Forerunner 15 and a TomTom Runner? Well, that all depends on your needs.

If you’re looking for a using watch that doubles as an all day tracker (to equivocate shopping dual apart devices), afterwards you’ll really wish to cruise a Garmin Forerunner 15. The same binds loyal if you’ll be doing as many indoor runs as outside runs: a Forerunner 15, along with a go-along feet pod, will give we correctness that doesn’t need to be calibrated.

However, if a good interface is important, and if income is a large consideration, a TomTom Runner is substantially a indication we want.

Ultimately, though, both of these using watches are glorious pieces of rigging that will renovate your workouts and how we train. The usually join is that a stipulations of both of these devices, along with a believe that there are some-more strong high finish using watches with and yet GPS out there, might eventually means we to crave for something better. But of course, that’s another essay for another time.

The Breakdown

  1. Sarah on 24 June, 2015 during 20:32

    I have both watches. we cite a TomTom Runner for several reasons; as we mention, a interface is sleaker. we don’t have many use for a activity tracker in a Garmin. But what we adore about a TomTom over a Garmin is a Bluetooth connectivity. we can sync it with my iPad yet carrying to block it in. The Garmin requires me to physically block it into a computer. That’s a final thing we wish to do when I’m behind from a run. we usually wish to set it down and bound in a shower!


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  3. Erin on 6 October, 2015 during 15:50

    does a garmin have a quivering warning choice or will we have to step it adult to a subsequent model… we like removing a presentation when we have strike a km…and an refurbish of my gait etc…. yet run with headphones….


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