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July 2, 2016 - running watch

The 2016 NFL deteriorate is right around a corner, and the Bengals coronet will be evaluating that 53 of a 90 players on a team’s offseason register will make a final register all summer long. The decision-making routine will be sincerely easy during a using behind position, where Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard have already determined themselves as able ball-carriers. Bernard perceived a large agreement prolongation this offseason, gripping him in Cincinnati for a subsequent 4 years. And while Hill started final year, it stays to be seen if he’ll say that purpose or if Bernard will be on a margin for initial downs. But who is behind these dual in a pecking order? Will there be any change from final season’s No. 3 and No. 4 options in Rex Burkhead and Cedric Peerman?

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Running backs coach: Kyle Caskey

Returning from 2015 roster: Jeremy Hill, Giovani Bernard, Rex Burkhead, Cedric Peerman

2016 additions: Tra Carson, Bronson Hill, DyShawn Mobley


Jeremy Hill

It’s going to be tough to forget a essential fail Hill mislaid in a Bengals’ many new playoff loss, though that doesn’t make it any easier to forget a eight-game widen in that Hill was a NFL’s best using behind in 2014. If a Bengals give Ryan Hewitt an stretched purpose as an H-back, quite if Tyler Eifert misses any time, Hill could rebound behind and infer his abilities as a premier using back. Hill has embraced a idea that he needs to urge in 2016, and if he does, hostile teams improved watch out.

Giovani Bernard

This offseason, a Bengals re-signed Bernard to a three-year deal, that means he’s underneath agreement by a 2019 season. One of a many versatile backs in a NFL, Bernard has gained during slightest 1,000 yards from struggle in any of his 3 years as a pro. Perhaps a Bengals’ financial joining to a using behind means he’s in line for an stretched purpose subsequent season. With Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu gone, a Bengals could positively use some-more assistance in a flitting game.

Cedric Peerman

Peerman has been a tie in a Bengals’ using behind corps for years, and he finally warranted approval with a Pro Bowl coming as a special teamer. Last season, a Bengals’ special teams ace fended off a Bengals’ dual use patrol using backs and defended his mark on a roster, notwithstanding considerable performances from both Terrell Watson and James Wilder Jr. in a preseason. Cincinnati’s special teams captain will really be on a 53-man roster.


Rex Burkhead

Buried behind Hill and Bernard, a former Nebraska using behind hasn’t seen many opportunities to infer himself. That being said, Burkhead is still a peculiarity player. Along with Peerman, Burkhead hold his belligerent final deteriorate and positive that a Bengals’ dual standout immature using backs (who finished adult alighting on a use squad) couldn’t fist him out of a register spot. With a aforementioned need for players to transport in passes, maybe Burkhead will see a margin more, quite as a container receiver. That being said, he still needs to infer his worth, generally given that a gifted rookie using backs behind him on a abyss draft are prickly to make an impact. But if nothing of a using backs behind Burkhead can make a plain impact on special teams, Burkhead will certainly be on a Bengals’ 53-man roster.

Strong Bubble

Tra Carson

Carson could potentially be a hazard to Burkhead, as he offers special teams bravery and would fit a identical purpose as Burkhead now plays on offense. Carson is a proven, earthy behind who has a intensity to be a plain third-down behind down a line. An SEC West manager was quoted as observant that Carson is a “really tough guy” on his NFL Draft Profile, which is a covenant to a kind of actor Carson is–it speaks to a lengths he’s expected peaceful to go to win that fugitive register spot. To make a roster, Carson will need to conflict Burkhead on special teams and yield certain hands in a flitting game–two things he’s excelled during in a past. If Carson fails to make a roster, design him to fasten onto a Bengals’ use squad.

Long shots

Bronson Hill

Hill’s singular advantage over Carson and Mobley is that he spent a infancy of a 2015 deteriorate on several use squads around a NFL. He didn’t have jaw-dropping numbers during Eastern Michigan, and he fell out of preference in his comparison year, that was clearly a red dwindle to NFL teams. Last preseason, he tallied 92 yards on 29 carries in 4 games. To make a roster, Hill would have to uncover flashes of large potential, that he hasn’t finished to this indicate in his career. But maybe he’ll acquire a possibility to acquire a shot during a use squad.

DyShawn Mobley

Mobley is an intriguing player, though he’s going to have a really tough time creation a Bengals’ register or use squad. He showed glimpses of intensity in 2014, tallying 1,491 rushing yards and 21 touchdowns during Eastern Kentucky, though he followed adult his stellar deteriorate with an normal of 3.2 yards per lift and 4 sum touchdowns, gaining only over 500 sum struggle yards. Mobley doesn’t seem to offer any poignant advantage on special teams, and his pro day numbers weren’t really considerable possibly (he ran a 40-yard lurch in 4.69 seconds). It would take a preseason same to Victor Cruz’s 2010 dermatitis for Mobley to acquire care for a Bengals’ register or use squad. But there’s always a possibility he could stir adequate to acquire a spot, and that’s because he’s on a 90-man roster.

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