Apple Watch Nike+ vs. a World (of Fitness Trackers)

September 11, 2016 - running watch

Apple and Nike are teaming adult to move a aptly named Apple Watch Nike+ to runners around a world. It has all of a same facilities as a Apple Watch Series 2, including built-in GPS, a brighter display, a faster processor, watchOS 3, and H2O insurgency adult to 164 feet.

But a Nike+ has a few disdainful additions adult a sporty sleeve: Nike’s Run Club app is built-in and permitted right from a home screen, there are some disdainful Siri commands and watch faces, and a elastomer rope is seperated so your skin can breathe easier.

It’s a smartwatch built for athletes. But how does Apple Watch Nike+ figure adult opposite other dedicated fitness trackers?

Look, Feel, and Size
The Apple Watch Nike+ comes in 38mm and 42mm models, usually like a unchanging Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 1 watches. Both are done of aluminum (no immaculate steel or ceramic options here), with tone combinations including Black/Volt, Black/Cool Gray, Flat Silver/White and Flat Silver/Volt. Very neon, unequivocally sporty. You’re not going to wear this to dinner, nonetheless it’ll fit right in during a gym or on a track.

The categorical disproportion between a Nike+ and unchanging Series 2 is a strap. It’s done of a same, clever elastomer silicone as a strange Apple Watch Sport’s band, nonetheless now it’s seperated so your skin can fan as we sweat. It’s not accurately pleasing (all those holes!), nonetheless sports watches and aptness trackers are generally built to be practical, not fashionable. If it’s aesthetics, as good as fitness, you’re after you’ll wish a vanilla Apple Watch Series 2 or a Misfit Ray, that is still a best-looking aptness tracker we can find—it’s many valuables that can automatically and accurately lane activities.

Apple Watch Nike+

But let’s speak about stretch for a moment. The Apple Watch isn’t small, nonetheless it isn’t outrageous either. The Microsoft Band 2 is enormous; a Fitbit Surge is unwieldy. Until a Garmin Forerunner 35 comes out, a Apple Watch Nike+ will expected be a best change of stretch and features, quite built-in GPS, that typically bulks adult inclination (see also: TomTom’s Spark Cardio + Music).

The Screen
The Apple Watch Nike+ could potentially have a best arrangement on a aptness tracker or smartwatch. The
Apple Watch already has a good display—the nearby deficiency of a bezel is a large indicate in a favor—and a Series 2 and Nike+ have an even brighter screen. Those 1,000 nits you’ve listened so many about meant we won’t have to flicker or squirm your wrist around to get a good angle while you’re out using in a sun. For a curtain who wants a discerning glance, that’s a large deal. Otherwise glorious trackers, including a Fitbit Charge 2 have faint, monochrome screens that get mislaid a tiny in a daylight.

Apple Watch Nike+

Devices like a Charge 2 can usually arrangement a few snippets of information during a same time, too. The Apple Watch Nike+, with a disdainful watch faces, can uncover off mixed metrics on a same screen, including distance, duration, heart rate, and pace. There’s no need to press a symbol or appropriate to cycle by stats, that is something we still need to do on many aptness trackers, including a Blaze, Charge 2, and a strange Apple Watch. The Samsung Gear Fit2, with a sharp, colorful, 1.5-inch reason screen, comes closest to a Apple Watch Nike+ in terms of displaying mixed metrics. The Polar A360 and Garmin Vivoactive HR also do an excellent pursuit of cramming as many information onto a tiny shade as possible.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT inlineThere’s a whole sea of waterproof aptness trackers to select from. Our Editors’ Choice, a lightweight Garmin Forerunner 735XT has built-in GPS, a heart rate monitor, and a waterproof box that can magnitude indoor and outward swims, as good as runs and cycling sessions, creation it the watch for triathletes.

We won’t know for certain until we examination it, nonetheless a Apple Watch Nike+ will many expected be a heavier device formed on a knowledge with a original. It’s still waterproof, though—up to 164 feet—and it will also count indoor and outward swims. Not usually that, an considerable new orator resource squirts out any H2O that finds a approach inside a Apple Watch Nike+.

Battery Life
Let’s cut to a chase: a strange Apple Watch has bad battery life, and so will a Apple Watch Nike+, given it has a same battery. Eighteen hours pales in comparison to a battery life many aptness trackers get. Fitbit inclination like a Blaze, Charge 2, and Surge live a smallest of 5 days on a full charge. If we don’t lane activities each waking minute, they could final even longer. The Garmin Forerunner 735XT lasts an considerable 11 days, 14 hours with GPS. The
Garmin Vivoactive can final adult to 3 weeks, and 10 hours in GPS mode. Misfit inclination like a Flash Link and Ray will end after 6 months due to their replaceable silver cells.

Unique Features
The many singular aspect of a Apple Watch Nike+ (besides that water-squirting speaker) is, fittingly, a built-in Nike program and Siri integration. Just tell her it’s time to run, and it’s off to a races. The arrangement will give we applicable information like beats per minute, stretch traveled, pace, and time of day. That’s unequivocally intuitive. Even better—you don’t have to reason your phone or tag it to your arm given Apple Watch Nike+ has built-in GPS.

But built-in GPS is frequency unique. The Fitbit Surge, Garmin Forerunner 735XT, Samsung Gear Fit2, and TomTom Cardio + Music are some a best trackers to triangulate your accurate positioning to safeguard a many accurate stretch and gait information. The Apple Watch Nike+’s advantage, of course, is that it’s also a smartwatch that can pull notifications from texts and offer an array of third-party apps from a immeasurable app store. On a other hand, either or not a Nike+ and a GPS (and heart rate monitor) is accurate is adult in a atmosphere for now.

Fitbit Surge review

The Nike+ app will also offer daily motivation, reminders to work out, and hurdles from friends, nonetheless Fitbit inclination have identical features. The Nike+, however, will have continue alerts to let we know a best time to go outward and jog, that is a nifty feature.

Unfortunately, Apple Watch Nike+ does not have interlude training, an impossibly useful apparatus for joggers in training who wish to run, afterwards travel (or rest), and repeat. It’s pivotal for those who wish to equivocate injury, and we can find this underline on a Charge 2 and a Blaze. The Nike+ Training App has a whole array of workouts, that hopefully make their approach to a Apple Watch Nike+’s shade soon.

One some-more indicate in a Apple Watch Nike+’s favor: Pokemon Go. It will be a while before we see other aptness trackers confederate that phenomenon.

One thing’s for sure: a Apple Watch Nike+ looks like a many strong smartwatch and aptness tracker hybrid we’ve seen so far—at slightest until a Samsung Gear S3, that boasts a identical array of facilities and sensors (including built-in GPS and an altimeter and barometer), comes along. But what will a Nike+’s battery life be like with GPS incited on? Will Siri refurbish we with swell alerts? We don’t know yet. When a Apple Watch Nike+ arrives in October, starting during $369 for a 38mm indication and $399 for a 42mm version, check behind for a full review.

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