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September 9, 2016 - running watch

Apple has announced a new chronicle of a Apple Watch during a Special Event in San Francisco on Wednesday. The new Apple Watch will stay probably matching in design, yet have a large renovate in terms of specs such as a faster processor, brighter screen, GPS, and now waterproofing adult to 50m.

Like a partnership with Hermes for a conform focused watch wearer, Apple has teamed adult with Nike to emanate a aptness focused watch. But can it spin a Apple Watch into a aptness device? We had a preview of a new watch and a possibility to see some of a dedicated Nike facilities during in a demo area after a categorical event.

Apple Watch Nike+: Designed to be sporty

The Apple Watch Nike+ is formed on a company’s Sport book with a few tweaks – especially that you’ll get dual specific Nike watch faces with dedicated buttons, and an disdainful choice of 4 opposite straps that will usually be accessible with a Watch Nike+.

Those straps use a same pattern denunciation Nike used when it partnered with TomTom to emanate a Nike Sports Watch, and it’s good to see it reappear here some 5 years later.

The Nike Sport rope is crafted from a same strong, stretchable fluoroelastomer element as a original Apple Watch Sport Band, yet now it’s perforated, presumably for improved transformation and sweat management. It also means a straps are a lot some-more flexible. 

The rope is accessible in 4 vibrant, two-tone colour combinations that are singular to a collection including a favourite a neon yellowish colour distinguished out from underneath a dim greyish strap.

It positively looks a part. The confidant lettering on a Nike app and Nike watch face ties in easily with Nike’s pattern aesthetics and it has a genuine clarity of suit and transformation about it. It says: we run, rather than we only like to keep moving.

The beauty here, distinct a strange Nike Sports Watch from TomTom is that we can change a straps to something a small some-more “boardroom” if we aren’t perplexing to uncover off your aptness credentials.


Apple Watch Nike+: Better app integration

Beyond a musty looking strap, Nike has worked with Apple to emanate a improved aptness knowledge and in sold a discerning approach to entrance runs or other activities.

There are dual new watch faces, a confidant digital series one and a some-more polished normal time face, yet both offer discerning entrance to a Nike+ app.

Not that we need to press anything, it comes with support for Siri so we can tell it it’s time to go running.

Once you’re in a app it will count down a start and afterwards we are off. The arrangement gives we time, distance, pace, and BPM and we can burst by a applicable sum during a press of a a screen.

At a finish a watch spews out your information to see, and since of a now enclosed GPS, you’ll also get given a lane of where we went including elevation.

Better still, since you’ve got a on house GPS, we don’t need to worry about carrying your phone with you. Peace on a open highway during last.

The app looks unequivocally good, and like a bands, is unequivocally suggestive of a TomTom Nike Sports Watch, a watch that for a prolonged time was a Pocket-lint go to regulating watch.

Beyond a regulating tracker and timer, Nike and Apple have also enclosed in a Nike+ Run Club to try and pull we serve within a community.

For those that need it, a Nike+ Run Club app offers daily motivation by intelligent run reminders, hurdles from friends and even alerts informing when a continue is right to get outside.  

When we do get out for that run, a training data, including pace, stretch and heart rate can afterwards be common to goblin your friends by permitting we to send fist bumps to any other right from the wrist. Yes, that’s presumably going to be a thing.


Apple Watch Nike+: More than running, swimming too

The other vital new underline Apple has combined over a GPS is that a Apple Watch Nike+ is also waterproof upto a abyss of 50m.

The waterproofing, that apple likes to impute to as “swimproof” means that you’ll be means to burst in a pool or a lake to lane your session.

We weren’t means to exam this in a dried of a demo room during a Apple Special Event, yet it positively looks interesting. There are dual swimming modes, indoor and open water, and for a indoor we can set things like pool length so we can lane your laps. Swim outdoor and a GPS will lane your transformation in a lake too.

We are positively looking brazen to removing it soppy to see how it works in larger detail.


Apple Watch Nike+: Still an Apple Watch

The good news is that Apple hasn’t taken anything divided from a new Apple Watch Series 2 with a Apple Watch Nike+. You still get a new WatchOS 3, we get a ability to change straps, and we get a processor speed strike that is afforded to a new model. The shade liughtness is positively conspicuous and that should infer accessible on those tiresome balmy runs you’ve got planned. 

First Impressions

The Apple Watch Nike+ looks great, has a unequivocally sporty feel, and feels unequivocally gentle on a wrist. We like a pattern denunciation of both a tag and a app, and are looking brazen to giving it a full examination diagnosis when it comes out in October.

We do have copiousness of unanswered questions yet that we are penetrating to find out. What’s a battery life like when you’re both regulating and regulating a GPS? How effective will Siri be in giving me data? Will it be means to give we heard alerts, how discerning will it be to give we a information midst run, and other things like that.

What is clear, is that Nike and Apple demeanour to have constructed something that has a intensity to make a Apple Watch a device that we would cruise holding on a run, and deliberation a regulating knowledge on a initial Apple Watch outing, that’s a large improvement.

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